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Hi everyone! every Friday night I run an advanced psychic development group. Each week we practice different types of psychic abilities and skills; like “reading” photos, psychometry (“reading” personal items), “reading” auras etc…. I have always been attracted to “missing persons” cases. if you are looking for a loved one or know someone who’s missing […]

Hello beloveds. Do you believe in alien existence or not? Well, about once a week I help clients remove alien implants/devices. A few years a go I doubted that aliens existed and I always thought it was a movie fantasy. Now I simply know they exist and that they implant on us without our permission. […]

Hello beloveds, this week I saw a client who simply “knew” his ailments were probably spiritual/energetic as doctors were not able to diagnose. He was so right. One of the problems he had was stabbing pains in the stomach. when we said an affirmation for his body to release the memory of what happened here, […]

This week I saw a client who was constantly feeling like something terrible was about to happen, specially while in social situations or public places. She was always close to having a panic attack and she was terrified to loose consciousness. She had no idea why this was happening. There was nothing in this lifetime […]

I constantly help clients who are being disturbed by entities. I help them to dissolve contracts and cut cords with these beings. Most times forgiveness is also necessary. There are occasions when a being will stay connected to a client through anger or any other negative emotion, for eons. Forgiveness and disconnection is a tremendous […]