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Hello beloveds! this week I saw a client who has been having money problems. every area he tried to invest money into was not successful in the end, by what he told me, there was a definite block in the financial area. I asked him to say an affirmation to unlock the memory of when this […]

Hello beloveds! This week I have done an interesting house energy cleanse. This was an old house in an affluent part of Sydney. even though the house was old and had a long history, it has been refurbished by the new owner, my client. She called me saying that she fell in love with the […]

Hello beloveds! most weeks I see people that have a demonic being trying to control them. At some stage they connected to it. a common theme in my clinic is – the client has dabbled in black magic, either in this life or a past life, and entered into a contract with the Demonic being. […]