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Hello beloveds! this week I did one of the most difficult past life trauma releases i have ever experienced…it started with female client saying that her head was on fire, when going deeper into cause…suddenly she sees herself in a “hospital’ room”, she is a male in that life and she is wearing doctor’s white […]

Hello beloveds! This week I saw someone who was very affected by black magic. He had found bizarre things like human bones buried in a small whole in his front yard, a ball of human hair in his business, and he had even found a dead bird with some “offerings” at one stage. And a […]

Hello beloveds! This week I saw a lady who had no idea what I did but simply overheard someone talk about me & looked me up. She is a wine maker and all she wanted to work on was to achieve success in the new wines she is in the process of creating. She knew […]