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Beloveds this week I facilitated some amazing sessions!!! In 2 of the sessions the clients’ spirit guide was Archangel Michael, in one of them it was a beautiful being called Jacob and in the last one Ascended Master Jesus came! They were all incredible!!! But I can never have enough of Jesus’ energy! I always […]

Hello beloveds! I want to share the amazing result from a session I facilitated the other day…do you remember the story I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a female client who experienced such and intense past life trauma where she was a Nazi scientist experimenting on Jews? Well she sent me a message […]

Have you ever wanted to be a Shaman? Now you can! I will be running Crystal Dreaming shamanic journey training in July! You may want to do this training for self development or to become a Practicioner – either way, this journey can be life changing! If you have experienced a Crystal Dreaming before you […]

Hello beloveds! I am eager to tell you about a home visit I did the other night… I received a call about a week ago from John who told me he hadn’t slept properly for years! He was being constantly harassed by entities who would scare him, do nasty things to him & he felt […]

Hello beloveds!! This week I saw a client who came to see me as she was feeling tired, drained & she was also feeling some explainable pains around her body, including the sexual organs area. We asked her body to show us when the tiredness started….as soon as we asked we notice a spirit literately […]