Hello beloveds, I have a great collection of crystals for sale! They make a beautiful present! I have amazing Lemurians at great prices at the moment, they are big & have sacred geometry/windows! get in quick as i know they will “fly” out the door! I also have all Crystal Dreaming mandala crystals (including record keepers) & 3 ready kits. Contact me for photos and pricing. you are welcome to visit me in the Sutherland Shire (Sydney) or I can post. Blessings! Debbie Shaman 0402399128

Hello beloveds! Happy New Year! Today I saw a lady who felt blocked (she cant find the right job or the ideal partner), low in self esteem, self belief & self worth. as you can imagine her session was a big one that ran for more than 2 hours. in one session we dissolved a black magic curse from an ex who dabbles in black magic & she learned how to protect herself from now on; dissolved energetic ties with an ex husband from a past life who was hindering her love life; released and healed at least 2 traumas from past lives – one life she was persecuted, tortured and killed accused of being a witch (she was only using herbs in that life) & on another life she was a Jewish woman who died in the gas chambers (we were face to face with Hitler, and this is not the 1st time i face him in sessions as you can imagine). She also re connected & healed her inner child who was scared and out of her body; she made peace with her sister from this lifetime who caused her a lot of hurt in the past. The whole session was based on reinstating her power. And there’s more… her spirit guides came at the end of session to embrace her in their love and guidance. it was amazing! I know it sounds like a lot of healing for one session but believe it or not this is a typical Crystal Dreaming session. Constantly people tell me of positive changes in their lives post their Crystal Dreaming session and that keeps me going! This sacred therapy is empowering and freeing! When it comes to healing at all levels we need to remember we are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional reality,
Thank you for reading. Many blessings to you. Debbie Shaman

Hello beloveds! This week i saw a man whose wife died of breast cancer about a month ago; needless to say he was grief stricken. John found me through a friend of his, Maria, who not only brought him to my home clinic, but also booked a session straight after him; she was also looking for closure as John’s wife Catherine, was her good friend. John arrived at my home clinic a bit unsure as he had no idea what was about to happen…he probably thought he was coming to a reading. In reality what I offer is much beyond a “reading”. I suggested he lie on the Mandala of crystals programed to facilitate a shamanic journey. Shamanic journeys are not new, shamans travel to other realms to communicate with the ones in spirit world, spirit guides etc usually the aim of this journey is to receive answers, wisdom, life direction and healing. These journeys are very sacred. I suggested John simply journeyed with an open heart, with no expectations and see what happens; that’s exactly what he did & he was rewarded instantly as he bursts into tears and tells me his wife Catherine is in front of him smiling! it was beautifully emotional! a beautiful communication between both ensued, John was ecstatic & so was i! after spending some time with Catherine, John’s whole family stepped forward, all of the ones who preceded John on the great journey of return to our true home, the spirit world. John spent the whole session crying tears of joy as he met his grandparents, uncles etc… and to complete this blissful session John met his loving spirit guide who reminded him he is loved and supported at all times. John’s session reawakened his remembrance of the temporary nature of this physical life but also eternal nature of our spiritual life. John gave me a huge hug as he was leaving and said” “I am so happy I came to see you!” Moments like this really keep me inspired! You know what else? Maria’s session was equally moving as she also met Catherine and she described her exactly as John did, Catherine was simply looking and smiling! And once again a beautiful communication ensued! we all felt so complete that day! The lesson for me was: WHEN WE MAKE PEACE WITH DEATH, WE MAKE PEACE WITH LIFE! Aho!

Hello beloveds, in the last few weeks I have seen at least 3 clients who had to make the difficult choice to abort a child at some stage of their journey, either because they were very young or their life situation was unstable. In all of the 3 cases the child was very present with them (in their energy). Sometimes the child moves on as it feels ready to return to the Light, usually with their angels’ help; but that was not the case with these 3 ladies. In one of the cases the child was holding the “mother’s” legs and wouldn’t budge. after some loving explanations that he was safe and that he should go with his angels the child returned to the Light with soul family. The presence of the child would definitely be exacerbating the mothers’ feelings of guilt and regret. Once the child is guided safely & lovingly to the Light, it becomes easier for the mother to forgive herself, knowing that she did the best she could at the time. During this type of release, its also very appropriate to call “dad” as ALL involved need to make peace with this choice. Without peace there’s no complete happiness… through forgiveness and self forgiveness we can change everything…we can create peace! Blessings!

The therapy I practice deals with past lives but not only that…..
through Crystal Dreaming we can access the “no time space” which is the same as “ALL TIME SPACE!”. What this means is: we are able to access any event from this lifetime or any other lifetime or reality to resolve (dissolve) anything that may be limiting you in the NOW. The final aim is always about bringing you back to your natural state which is one of happiness, joy, fulfillment & freedom. Our natural state is also one of abundance and creativity. We only need to look at nature to perceive the flow of this abundance and creativity in its full expression. Because we have free will we subconsciously or unconsciously block the flow of this creativity or abundance; the reason we react this way, is because some past event has caused us pain and still affect us today. If this event happened in this life it is possible for traditional therapy to help you understand the cause of your afflictions and blocks (after many sessions most probably), but if this event is in a past life, traditional therapy is useless and frustrating. Clients have reported that one session of Crystal Dreaming = one year of traditional counseling! This is because Crystal Dreaming deals with the true cause of blocks & limitations instantly!
Some of the sessions I run are very much based on this lifetime as we ALL tend to have to forgive our parents, family member or friend. Once we understand that freedom is so much more important than holding a grudge or blaming, then we make the decision to free ourselves through forgiveness. It starts with forgiveness and then eventually we realize that there was nothing to forgive,as we are here to learn and grow. And most times than not we choose those experiences ourselves so we can learn about unconditional love. Once we grow beyond forgiveness we achieve true freedom! a freedom that is not affected by anything or anyone as we are TRULY FREE! True freedom does not judge or blame, it simply experiences with an open heart. Blessings! Debbie

Hello beloveds! my message today is a warning…beware the energy vampires… a few months ago I went into a crystal shop, I was enjoying myself looking at all crystals and new age stuff; then I decide to go upstairs, a space less visited but i thought I might find a bargain there…while looking around upstairs I noticed a card reader in the corner, I politely said hi and she starts chatting away…talking about herself nonstop…whenever I managed to say something about myself she would criticize it or negate it somehow…she was truly trying to push my buttons…I did not understand why at the time… but i truly had enough when I said i had to go & that my family was waiting for me and she simply ignored me and continued talking…I looked down and sent her the telepathic message that I had enough and that she had no power over me; she said: “ok fine” & I left. Only once I was out of the shop I realized what she was doing; she had her disgusting energetic tentacles all over me and she was trying to find an opening (a weakness – anger, insecurity etc) in my energy field so she could drain my energy… a professional card reader and a professional vampire… be careful who you chose to work with at a psychic level, always make sure they have good intentions and work from the heart. God bless!

Hello beloveds! This week I have helped 3 clients being affected by black magic. Every case was based on jealously and resentment. Not very pleasant energies. In one of the cases, the clients’ stepmother paid someone to make sure stepdaughter was stuck, specially financially, and failed at any attempt to achieve success. Even though the curse was placed many years ago it was still active, these things stay active until dissolved. After lying in the powerful crystal Mandala client easily enters an expanded state of consciousness, She perceives this negative block as a pain in the lower back first… she has had this pain for many years and it even paralyzed her for a whole week once… she had no idea where this pain came from…until now. When focusing on this pain, suddenly she sees an item inside her back, it was made of metal and had hooks on it! It was placed there to cause pain.
When dissolving curses there are usually 3 steps to it – dealing with the entities that have put the item there or that are keeping it active somehow; dealing with the witch or wizard who conjured the spell (if it is a paid “job”); and finally dealing with the curser.
When I called the beings responsible for placing the item in her back, 4 spirits of terrible appearance turn up, one of them dragged himself on the floor like a reptile. We ask them to remove item & dissolve ties. They resisted but we firmly let them know that they do not have clients permission to leave it there. We affirmed client’s sovereignty, power and freedom. All of a sudden, a wizard/magician with black skin turns up, after some firm but loving negotiation, he accepts to remove the spell and they all go to the Light. Client and I feel are so relieved!! Lastly we deal with the stepmother…she is still resentful after all these years… client forgives her from the heart for her ignorance of Divine Laws. Truth is, whoever dabbles in black magic, will suffer from it sooner or later. What goes round, comes round. Law of action and reaction, Law of Karma. We remind her that shes only harming herself as WE ARE ALL ONE!
Usually curser feel bad about what they did and asks for forgiveness but in this case this lady was still proud and resentful, so I remind her that client is protected now and that whatever is sent client’s way will simply return to her. She leaves. I help client to fill the space where the item was with loving Divine energy and teach client to protect from future “attacks”.


lots of love beloveds


Em portugues/Portuguese:

Ola queridas(os), essa semana vi 3 clientes que estavam sendo afetados por magia negra. O interessante e que todos eles pressentiam que esse era o caso, mas queriam confirmacao. atravez da terapia que pratico e possivel saber se ha magia negra afetando a pessoa, e quem a fez. Em cada um dos casos, a razao era inveja e ressentimento. Energias pesadas em si. Em um dos casos, a madrasta da cliente pagou a um feiticeiro para a causar dor nas costas, impedindo que a enteada trabalhasse e se tornasse independente, tinha a meta de paraliza-la. O feitico havia sido feito ha muitos anos atras, mas continua ativo ate ser desfeito. Ela confirmou que realmente ficou paralisada por um tempo ha alguns anos atras. Assim que a cliente deita na Mandala sagrada de cristais e entra num estado mais profundo de consciencia, ela nota uma dor nas costas primeiro, logo apos ela nota que ha algo inserido em suas costas. Ela descreveu o item como algo de metal com alguns ganchos tipo “perfurando e rasgando” a coluna.
O processo de dissolucao de magia negra, geralmente envolve 3 etapas; lidar com as entidades que colocaram o item la ou que se responsabilisam pela continuidade da magia; o feiticeiro, caso tenha sido um trabalho pago; e por ultimo e preciso lidar com a pessoa causadora disso tudo, o “inimigo”.
Chamei as entidades e apareceram 4, uma delas se arrastava pelo chao como um reptil, todas tinham aparencia tenebrosa. comecei a conversar com eles e pedi para retirassem o item das costas da cliente, lembrei a eles que a cliente e um ser livre, somos todos livres e que nao tinham permissao de deixar isso la. Cliente dissolve contratos, corta cordas e afirma que nao podem mais ficar com ela. Apos algum tempo de negociacao, eles decidem retirar….assim que eles retiram o item, um feiticeiro negro infezado aparece…. ouvi uma rizada zombeteira. passei um tempo conversando com ele, o lembrei de que feiticos sempre voltam para o feiticeiro e que nao valem a pena. apos um tempo de conversa amorosa e paciente, ele aceita desfazer o feitico…e ir para a Luz, pois se encheu de ficar trazendo conflito e sofrimento… vimos ele ascender numa coluna linda de Luz branca dourada! Foi emocionante! Eu e a cliente nos sentimos tao aliviadas… mas ainda faltava lidar com a madrasta, a chamamos, pois nesse processo e possivel chamar pessoas encarnadas ou desencarnadas, pois estamos lidando com o espirito da pessoa. Ela aparece e demonstra que ainda tem ressentimentos contra a enteada apos todos esses anos… A cliente a perdoa de coracao pela sua ignorancia das Leis Divinas, pois nao compreende ainda que o que faz ao proximo, esta fazendo para si mesma, pois SOMOS TODOS UM! Geralmente ha perdao e a pessoa que fez o trabalho ou pagou pelo trabalho se arrepende ou se sente envergonhado, mas nesse caso a causadora disso tudo ainda tinha raiva. Eu a informei da Lei do Karma e da Lei de acao e reacao. E eu a avisei que o feitico havia sido desfeito e que nao adiantava fazer mais pois a enteada agora e protegida. Ela se foi irritada. Eu ensinei a cliente a se proteger de futuros ataques.


Obrigada por sua atencao. Bencaos a todas(os).


Hello beloveds, this week I saw a client who simply “knew” his ailments were probably spiritual/energetic as doctors were not able to diagnose. He was so right. One of the problems he had was stabbing pains in the stomach. when we said an affirmation for his body to release the memory of what happened here, he saw a witch with a knife and she proceed to slice his stomach open….
what he perceived was that he was partners with this woman in a past life, but eventually he decided he wanted to help people rather than use his talents to overpower others. the witch was not happy, there was a conflict of interest; she also felt jealous and angry that he had a good relationship with the people.
after spending some time counseling the witch she decides to change her ways and go into the light….nothing and nobody can resist the power of love and forgiveness…
Our beautiful planet is going through a cleansing process right now as its vibration is rising…and so is ours….I love being part of the group of workers who are contributing to this new era of more peace and love….God bless beloveds!




Ola queridos!

Ha um tempo atraz um rapaz veio me procurar pois intuitivamente sabia que seus problemas fisicos eram espirituais/energeticos, por isso mesmo medicos nao conseguiam diagnosticar, e sempre assim. Um dos problemas mais serios que ele tinha era uma dor terrivel no estomago que pareciam umas “facadas”. Ele entra facilmente num estado de Superconsciencia, pois nesse estado o cliente pode acessar qualquer tempo-espaco para respostas. Fizemos uma afirmacao para liberar a memoria do que aconteceu… logo apos ele ve uma bruxa com uma faca na mao, abrindo o seu estomago com a faca!! Logo apos, ele compreende que ele e essa bruxa eram parceiros de “trabalho” naquela vida, ela era aprendiz da bruxa. Mas um dia ele decidiu que queria ajudar as pessoas e nao mais ter controle sobre elas ou abusa-las. A bruxa nao gostou nem um pouco! Ficou com raiva e ciumes tambem, pois o povo gostava dele. Por isso decidiu “se livrar dele”. Ate hoje o perseguia com raiva e inveja. , por isso ele senita as dores no estomago de maneira continua. Chamamos a bruxa, ela chegou com raiva e desdem. Apos um tempo de conversa e negociacao, acabei conseguindo convence-la a ir para a Luz! Nada ou ninguem resiste o poder do amor e do perdao! Ela ascendeu!! Que visao linda que foi!!!

O nosso planeta esta passando por um grande processo de “limpeza” e purificacao, a vibracao da Mae Terra esta se elevando e a nossa tambem! Nosso processo de equilibrio de Karma esta acelerado, isso pode ser um desafio,  mas e para o nosso bem Divino! Me sinto muito abencoada por fazer parte dos trabalhadores que se voluntariaram  a trazer mais paz e amor nesse momento tao importante de nossa evolucao…um novo mundo fraterno nos espera…. muito amor para voces! Deobrah Pickett

Hello beloveds! I saw a client the other day who had some questions regarding her career as a psychotherapist. she was a lady probably in her 70′s. the session went really well, there were some minor block/energy releases. It was easy to connect with her team of loving spirit guides for advice. She felt blissful in their presence. but when she started asking questions about career, they would not answer or say “do not worry about that”, which I thought was strange as they always offer advice. soon after they said: “You are going to return soon.” we asked: “Back into spirit world?” and they said “Yes”. Wow, that had never happened in a session before, I waited to see how she would react, and her answer was that she was not ready to return. The guides continued saying that they would be waiting for her with open arms and that they loved her very much. I asked her guides to help client feel a oneness with her higher self and the Divine as a way to remind her that life is eternal and bliss awaits. It was a beautiful ending. In spite of the news, she loved the Divine feelings she felt. This session made me reflect once more about our mortality and how we tend to get so attached to our life here & the material world, which is a temporary phase. The key is to be grateful for every moment lived
and to intensely love the people in our lives without being emotionally bound to them! We are all free spirits! God bless beloveds!

Beloveds this week I facilitated some amazing sessions!!! In 2 of the sessions the clients’ spirit guide was Archangel Michael, in one of them it was a beautiful being called Jacob and in the last one Ascended Master Jesus came! They were all incredible!!! But I can never have enough of Jesus’ energy! I always know when He is present because of His energy, which makes client & I rejoice in feelings of bliss and transcendence. There are no words that can describe…it can only be felt with the spirit (the heart). The amazing perks of my job!!! Priceless!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! sending you all my love!! Debbie