Hello beloveds, I want to share something that happened in one of my sessions today & it happens often – people directly connect & speak with their loved ones in spirit. During Emily’s session today she saw her grandparents, an uncle and cousin waiting in turns to speak with her. she was amazed! such a beautiful experience! During a Crystal Dreaming session all psychic channels are open, so one can communicate directly with their loved ones in spirit. WE ARE ALL PSYCHIC at some level, its just that we are living a rational, analytical phase & have forgotten or ignored our psychic selves. this therapy reconnects us to our truth. Some of Emily’s family members were at peace and some were not, as they were still attached to people & Earthly worries. we helped them to go to the Light with their soul family. The most beautiful gift we can give our loved ones in spirit is the knowing in our hearts & minds that they are not dead, they are still alive, that gives them an amazing feeling of satisfaction as no one wants to be a dead corpse, we live on. It makes sense to me that we live on as nothing simply disappears in the Earth or Universe, all transforms/recycles, all we need to do is observe nature to understand this Truth. To me, life and death are the same thing, the “2 sides of the same coin”. its only when we make peace with death that we can truly live. Living in the moment with a fearless courage is an art that can only be learnt once we accept & make peace with death in our minds & hearts. as we surrender to death, we also surrender to life; control & fear melt away, & life flows with ease & grace as we learn to love & appreciate each day that we are here. Thank you for reading beloveds, good night. (names have been changed for privacy)

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Hello beloveds! One question that I get asked a lot is “how do I protect myself from negative energies, from being drained by others etc. the answer is “detached empathy”, that’s something I had to learn as a therapist, but I do admit I learnt this the hard way, by experiencing very uncomfortable energies that I later realized were not mine! How do you practice detached empathy? By not allowing other people’s energy vibrations to enter your aura (your sacred space) and stay in you. Truth is we are swimming in a sea of energy at all times, unless you are practicing self protection and self awareness, outside intrusive energies can not only affect you but stay with you. When you feel someone’s anger for ex. Simply acknowledge it and breath it out, it may flow through you but it’ll not stay with you. Emotions are vibrations, emotion = energy in motion. You may want to be present and supportive of someone while they express difficult emotions but don’t take on their emotional charge as a way to help them, they don’t expect that of you, they probably just want someone to understand what they are experiencing or going through. You are not there to resolve if for them or save them, trust that they can & will overcome their issue & ultimately gain growth & wisdom from the experience. If you feel you are carrying a lot of energy that is not yours, maybe its time for a healing to “clean up“ & enlighten. Co dependence is never healthy, its energy draining. Unconditional love is the ultimate protection as its frequency is so high that nothing of a lower vibration penetrates it, so love yourself, your family, friends unconditionally & send love to the ones you don’t like – here is the best recipe for protection. Blessings beloveds!

Hello beloveds! This week I saw a male client who felt like a woman at times… but he really wanted to be a man & was very confused as to why he felt like this & at times asked himself if he was gay, bisexual etc., he told me this situation was also huge block in his relationship with his wife, he was ready to find the cause of this as he was not happy with answers from doctors & he was hopeful to let go of these feelings. He lied in the mandala of crystals which caused him to enter a very deep state. I suggested he ask his body what the cause of this was and a woman turns up (her spirit), she admits to have sexual attraction and feelings for him. By digging deeper we find out that when he was a teenager he gave this spirit the permission to stay so they could have an intimate relationship, this agreement needed to be dissolved. I asked him what he wanted to do as i know these sexual obsessions can be hard for people to want to let go, but he was ready to dissolve ties with this being. It took a bit of counselling on both sides but in the end they realized that they needed to set each other free as we are free spirits, we are not “tied” or controlled by anyone unless we allow it. The lady ended up leaving in peace & he felt totally different. He realized how much of a hold she had on him. It’s interesting to observe what is possible since we are multi dimensional beings. Every choice counts. Thank you for reading beloveds, have a beautiful day!

Hello beloveds! I wanted to have a chat about our relationship with our parents and our social programming, as in a lot of sessions I run clients need to forgive their parents for causing them hurt or not fulfilling their needs. Most of us need to go through this process of forgiving our parents. Now being a parent myself I realize it is the most difficult job of all. Truth is we may not and probably will not satisfy all of our kids wants and needs, so why try to be perfect? Plus your perfect may not be your child’s perfect… so why be so hard on ourselves? Why be so hard on our parents? They were just as unprepared as we are. In saying that, this was a process for me as I had a lot of forgiving to do myself, especially towards my father. When the hurt is deep, forgiveness comes in layers & that’s ok, but most importantly is that we make the decision that we WANT TO FORGIVE, as this is the first step towards letting go of negative energies (feelings, emotions etc) and attachments. While we stay in anger and resentment we are unable to move forward and heal. Healing is priceless as we become freer and happier within ourselves & attract great experiences – we are an antenna that receives in accordance to what we send outwards. As we heal and become free, we end up realizing that past events have no more hold over us and that we can more easily let go. I have been in the healing path for a while now as I am hooked in its effects, all “stuff” from the past seems “erased”. I have come to a point now where I understand it was all great learning, the fertilizer of my life, but that I don’t need to hold on to it forever, I can grow beyond it and send love to the ones who contributed to my growth. I also realize that it doesn’t matter what anyone said or did, what matters is how I feel about myself now. I no longer search for love or anything else outside of me as I understand now that it is ALL INSIDE OF ME, and these experiences only happened so I could find the treasures within. All this has brought me to self love and self acceptance, loving even the parts I don’t like, and why not? By having compassion for myself I can also offer compassion to others – that’s how it works! 
Our parents gave us what they could, now is time for us to grow beyond and be our full selves! Wishing you a great sacred independent journey of the Heart! Blessings beloveds!

Hello beloveds, this week John came to see me to work on anger issues & he also complained of pain in his hips and left ankle. He lied on the sacred crystal Mandala and gradually entered a very deep state (an expanded or altered state of being), When we asked his body to show when the anger started, he immediately saw himself as a Jew in a concentration camp. He was young, around 17, he was furious! He endured great suffering and humiliation and became one of the thousands who died in the gas chamber. I advised him on forgiveness as the choice to forgive would free him from this trauma, dissolve ties with perpetrators and release the past. After some negotiation he agrees, we called on the ones involved and 3 Gestapo officers appear, they were earthbound – stuck in time space, no idea they had died! & as John finds it in his heart to forgive and let go, all is dissolved and made peace with. we guided the beings to the Light so they could move on too, start afresh, hopefully with a new reincarnation as to balance the past. we dissolved all anger and replaced it with love and acceptance, peace. John felt like a rock moved away from his stomach! When we looked at the hip to see what was going on, he sees an arrow stuck on his side! he sees himself in a medieval battle. He had no idea who shot the arrow, he felt great sadness and acceptance that death was inevitable. Now it was time to forgive all involved and remove the arrow, so J could be free from pain and discomfort in the hip. we called on all involved and a whole enemy army showed up, John had no problem forgiving them which made this release very easy. Arrow removed and hip freed. we helped beings go to the Light. Lastly we looked into the ankle, John felt some pain and looking deeper noticed there was a metal animal trap around his ankle. he was hunting, the year was 1743, unwillingly he stepped on another hunters’ trap and could not set himself free. After hours of suffering and pain a bear appears and John becomes its dinner. John forgave the hunter who placed the trap and forgave the bear, forgave self as well, making peace with that death. Through love, understanding and forgiveness all can be resolved. we removed the trap & released the past, understanding that it was all great learning but we don’t need to hold on to stuff forever. The session ended on a blissful note as John wise elder spirit guide came to meet him, embraced him with his love and gave J lots of life guidance. this was a very satisfying session for all involved. The power of this modality of healing – Crystal Dreaming – never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for reading beloveds   My Crystal Bliss – Debbie Shaman

HOW LONG has it been since you had a healing?? We put our car for service every 6 months or so but how about cleansing and clearing our own energies? We all collect unwanted energies along the way..and when these are not cleared they turn into imbalance and disease. Even an imbalance that seems physical ,stems from a past event, its always emotional; that’s what I see in my clinic…every imbalance has a beginning and its always related to a painful event, either in this lifetime or in a past life. Our emotional bodies become burdened and we become angry, depressed, irritated etc. Some people even believe they are the angry type, that’s its in their DNA and there’s how it is…of course in my view I know that to be bulls###t. Our natural state is one of joy, freedom, peace. 
I truly believe in the power of healing and how DNA is mutable. If we can change, grow & evolve so can our DNA. We so strongly resist change;when are we going to understand that change is a natural law and flowing with it will actually bring joy and not suffering? Now, if we resist it we can expect suffering. So surrendering, flowing and embracing each day as a blessing is the recipe towards happiness… this takes courage of course, but the moment we decide to trust in life, and trust our hearts then all fears are dissolved, we relax and flow. Now you understand why in my healings I can help people heal at all levels as every system is interconnected. The emotional body collects a lot along the way…a lot of the times this accumulation stems from hundreds of lifetimes, no wonder we feel heavy and unhappy. We ALL need a healing every now and again to unload the extra “unwanted luggage”.. resulting in lightness of being, peace, acceptance, trust, love, connection etc. In my view, healings are priceless & a great expression of self love and self care. Thank you for reading beloveds 

I was sitting on a rock formation looking at the amazing valley bellow and all around.. nature is such a radiant thing.. I shed a few tears… this rock must have some kind of magic because every time i sit on it I feel like releasing tears… then the message came: “with every tear, one more layer of illusion is dissolved!” i was blown away by such message of wisdom. I sure am in a constant search for the Truth, so the layers come off gradually as I allow my radiance to be free, liberated. Our radiance is the truth! With each layer that comes off, there’s more freedom & love than ever before as these are also the Truth. all this makes me think of the snake as it sheds its skin creating change, growth and liberation. A lot of us are searching for the truth outside of ourselves, but this is not a waste of time as this journey will eventually guide one back inside oneself.. so nothing is a waste. Life is a sacred & magical thing and it should be treated as such. Blessings beloveds! Debbie Shaman

Hello beloveds, I have a great collection of crystals for sale! They make a beautiful present! I have amazing Lemurians at great prices at the moment, they are big & have sacred geometry/windows! get in quick as i know they will “fly” out the door! I also have all Crystal Dreaming mandala crystals (including record keepers) & 3 ready kits. Contact me for photos and pricing. you are welcome to visit me in the Sutherland Shire (Sydney) or I can post. Blessings! Debbie Shaman 0402399128

Hello beloveds! Happy New Year! Today I saw a lady who felt blocked (she cant find the right job or the ideal partner), low in self esteem, self belief & self worth. as you can imagine her session was a big one that ran for more than 2 hours. in one session we dissolved a black magic curse from an ex who dabbles in black magic & she learned how to protect herself from now on; dissolved energetic ties with an ex husband from a past life who was hindering her love life; released and healed at least 2 traumas from past lives – one life she was persecuted, tortured and killed accused of being a witch (she was only using herbs in that life) & on another life she was a Jewish woman who died in the gas chambers (we were face to face with Hitler, and this is not the 1st time i face him in sessions as you can imagine). She also re connected & healed her inner child who was scared and out of her body; she made peace with her sister from this lifetime who caused her a lot of hurt in the past. The whole session was based on reinstating her power. And there’s more… her spirit guides came at the end of session to embrace her in their love and guidance. it was amazing! I know it sounds like a lot of healing for one session but believe it or not this is a typical Crystal Dreaming session. Constantly people tell me of positive changes in their lives post their Crystal Dreaming session and that keeps me going! This sacred therapy is empowering and freeing! When it comes to healing at all levels we need to remember we are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional reality,
Thank you for reading. Many blessings to you. Debbie Shaman

Hello beloveds! This week i saw a man whose wife died of breast cancer about a month ago; needless to say he was grief stricken. John found me through a friend of his, Maria, who not only brought him to my home clinic, but also booked a session straight after him; she was also looking for closure as John’s wife Catherine, was her good friend. John arrived at my home clinic a bit unsure as he had no idea what was about to happen…he probably thought he was coming to a reading. In reality what I offer is much beyond a “reading”. I suggested he lie on the Mandala of crystals programed to facilitate a shamanic journey. Shamanic journeys are not new, shamans travel to other realms to communicate with the ones in spirit world, spirit guides etc usually the aim of this journey is to receive answers, wisdom, life direction and healing. These journeys are very sacred. I suggested John simply journeyed with an open heart, with no expectations and see what happens; that’s exactly what he did & he was rewarded instantly as he bursts into tears and tells me his wife Catherine is in front of him smiling! it was beautifully emotional! a beautiful communication between both ensued, John was ecstatic & so was i! after spending some time with Catherine, John’s whole family stepped forward, all of the ones who preceded John on the great journey of return to our true home, the spirit world. John spent the whole session crying tears of joy as he met his grandparents, uncles etc… and to complete this blissful session John met his loving spirit guide who reminded him he is loved and supported at all times. John’s session reawakened his remembrance of the temporary nature of this physical life but also eternal nature of our spiritual life. John gave me a huge hug as he was leaving and said” “I am so happy I came to see you!” Moments like this really keep me inspired! You know what else? Maria’s session was equally moving as she also met Catherine and she described her exactly as John did, Catherine was simply looking and smiling! And once again a beautiful communication ensued! we all felt so complete that day! The lesson for me was: WHEN WE MAKE PEACE WITH DEATH, WE MAKE PEACE WITH LIFE! Aho!