Hello beloveds! I want to share the amazing result from a session I facilitated the other day…do you remember the story I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a female client who experienced such and intense past life trauma where she was a Nazi scientist experimenting on Jews? Well she sent me a message a few days ago…she is starting volunteer work at a palliative care home/hospital helping Holocaust survivors to pass over feeling safe and loved by holding their hands when they are taking their last breath…. isn’t this simply amazing?!!! i got the shivers when she told me…..oh! I love happy endings!!!! Good on her for showing love and forgiveness towards herself and balancing this situation through love!!! ALL CAN BE SOLVED THROUGH LOVE!!!! LOVE HEALS!!!! LOVE = HAPPINESS!!!! God bless beloveds!!!!!!!!!

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Hello beloveds! I am eager to tell you about a home visit I did the other night… I received a call about a week ago from John who told me he hadn’t slept properly for years! He was being constantly harassed by entities who would scare him, do nasty things to him & he felt powerless. A few times he woke up with an entity squeezing his neck… a few times he thought he was going to die… things were pretty serious! He also said that he felt & saw a Demon in his room when he was a child, the Demon had his claw on his shoulder, naturally he felt intense fear. He saw the same Demon standing at the end of his bed once or twice more through his life….he was simply fed up…pretty understandable… 
I decided to go to his place just in case the problem was in the home….once I got there and we started talking I realized that the issue was not with the house. The entities were interested in John personally. He lies in the Mandala of crystals, it takes hardly any time and he is already “flying” in space and going through tunnels of light into other dimensions, as I suspected J was very psychic & clairvoyant, he experienced the journey as if it was a movie! First we dealt with an angry and dark entity who he saw in his room many times before. We dialogue with the male entity and ask him why he is there, Soon after John sees himself in another life shooting a man (the entity) in the head with a riffle. He begs for forgiveness and it is easily resolved. Entity goes to the Light. Then another entity turns up saying he is God, but the energy does not feel good. When asked if he loves John unconditionally he can not hide his true identity. There are lots of “false prophets” out there, we can tell though, as they do not vibrate in Unconditional Love. We dissolved contracts and relationship. We dealt with lots of entities who wanted to deceive J somehow….I had a feeling they managed before, but now it was time for John to empower and affirm: “Enough is enough! I take my power back NOW!” it was very educational for him to learn and understand that nothing or no one has power over us unless we allow it! And that we are powerful beings of LIGHT! Towards the end of session we called the Demonic being who had visited before to step forward…he came in as soon as we called…it was a FULL ON MOTHER DEMON, the Demon of all Demons…..the room got darker and colder…. The Demon waves a piece of paper in his claw…there is a contract and he is adamant that the contract is eternal. We asked to be shown when John signed contract, then J sees himself in a line of people in hell, they were all signing contracts, they felt they deserved it! I decided to change my approach and got client to say: “You are beautiful, in you I see great light and great love! Our agreement is dissolved as I have nothing else to learn from you. Thank u for your service & Thank u for your contribution to humanity”. The Demon stops in its tracks…it is amazed that anyone would see the beauty in him…. right then client sees Demon burning the contract, it was final. Soon after, Demon enters a hole on the ground and goes back to Hell. it was incredible! When we called John’s team of spirit guides, God came, this time the real God, the room filled with a loving intensity. The interesting part is that until then, John refused to believe in God and used to say to people he would only believe when he saw God with his own eyes and that’s exactly what was happening in that moment! I understood then that the sole reason for all that was happening in his life and the reason for the session was so that he would reconnect with the Light & BELIEVE IN GOD AGAIN!

God bless beloveds


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God bless


Hello beloveds!! This week I saw a client who came to see me as she was feeling tired, drained & she was also feeling some explainable pains around her body, including the sexual organs area. We asked her body to show us when the tiredness started….as soon as we asked we notice a spirit literately lifting from her body and looking around wondering where he was…. he looked lost, confused and in pain. We asked her body once more (the body has all the answers!) when did she 1st connected to this being… she saw herself at the doctor’s office a few months ago and as she was feeling vulnerable, this being, who was hanging around there, entered her body looking for a place to feel safe and welcome. The being did not know he was dead, he also visited the doctor with hopes to be cured from his pain. It was an easy release as spirit was very happy to be assisted to find peace and be guided to the light. After spirit removal client knew that the bodily pains she was feeling was related to this presence as he expressed pains/open sores in same areas and now they were gone! The only pain remaining now was the one in the sexual organs. We said an affirmation to be show the cause…soon after client sees herself living among Vikings! Her father was a typical big, muscly, dirty Viking. “He did something to me…” she said. We dug deeper and deeper… she discovers father paid a witch to create a spell to block daughter’s sexuality and femininity as a way to protect her…. he was ashamed….till today this was affecting client’s sexuality and sexual organs! We went through forgiveness & dissolution of contracts w/ dad from that life, that was the 1st part; the 2nd part was: we had to call the witch to undo the spell. The witch enters the room laughing loudly and ironically…that’s their “trademark” as we know. We had to negotiate w/ witch as she wasn’t keen to remove spell (negative energy). after intense negotiation, witch accepts that she is not only hurting others, but also hurting herself in this indefinite abuse of power….she removes the spell and also accepts to be guided to the Light! She literally ascends into this beautiful column of sparkling light! Oh what a feeling client and I felt…it was like the Earth was moving! And a huge amount of heavy energy being removed from client’s body! All pains & blocks GONE! Her spirit guides were Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene. Client felt guided and blissful!! Amazing! God bless beloveds!!!

Hello beloveds! this week I did one of the most difficult past life trauma releases i have ever experienced…it started with female client saying that her head was on fire, when going deeper into cause…suddenly she sees herself in a “hospital’ room”, she is a male in that life and she is wearing doctor’s white attire; she can hear the sound of soldiers marching and loud voices on speakerphone outside…. it was a Nazi army camp!!!! Soon after she notices she is drilling on someone’s head and her head starts to hurt like hell and her nose feels like its missing…there’s a hole there…wow! she was devastated as one can imagine….I deal with so many different types of past life trauma, nothing seems to affect me, but this time I almost became emotional, as I could feel how she felt – the pain, the sorrow, the horror, the regret…. when we called the “victims”, they came and she burst into tears saying they were numb and in disbelief that “she” was actually capable of doing that….. she begged for their forgiveness and said she would make it up to them by calling their beloved ancestors and family members to help them transit to Light and finally find peace. After some loving and kind negotiation they decide to forgive and go to the Light. We worked on self forgiveness as an essential part of healing. We asked for a hearing at the Karmic Court as client needs to know what she can do to remedy this situation. She was shown herself massaging the hand of an elderly lady with oils; charity & serving will balance this event. It is a pity sometimes we have to go through violence to discover LOVE, but that’s how it usually goes. Violence is a natural part of our evolution…we suffer, we grow, we mature & eventually we choose LOVE. LOVE FREES US! God bless beloveds!

Portuguese/Em portugues:


Uma pessoa me ligou outro dia querendo fazer uma sessao de Crystal Dreaming para saber porque ela se sentia triste e culpada, apesar de nao ter razao para isso nessa vida, especialmente porque o casamento dela e esse ano e ela tem tudo para estar feliz…mas nao consegue.

Assim que a sessao comeca e ela esta deitada com os cristais a sua volta, ela se ve num quarto de hospital, ela era homem…. estava vestida com roupa medica, de repente ela ouve o som la de fora , soldados marchando e vozes altas no auto-falante.  A ficha caiu, ela estava num campo nazista e era um dos cientistas que fazia testes experimentais em humanos! Ela se viu fazendo um buraco na cabeca e no nariz de alguem, ela sentia a dor e chorava muito…Nossa o choque foi tremendo! Eu que ja vi de tudo aqui na minha clinica, fiquei abalada! Principalmente por que eu sabia como ela estava se sentindo naquele momento. Haviam sentimentos complexos de dor, angustia, horror, culpa, arrependimento, vergonha etc… Eu sabia que o perdao a si mesma nao seria facil, mas ela tinha que tentar para poder liberar isso e eu sabia que seria importante reparar/equilibrar esse evento agora, nessa vida. Uma x que ela se acalmou nos chamamos a todos os judeus e pessoas que foram afetadas, apareceram muitos, eles ainda estavam em choque, havia uma tristeza profunda e uma incredulidade de que alguem seria capaz de cometer tal atrocidades. Eu a guiei a pedir perdao de joelhos varias vezes, humildemente ela pediu o perdao de todos. Nos passamos um tempo conversando com eles e com muito amor e carinho e com o apoio de seus ancestrais e guias espirituais guiamos a todos para a Luz Divina para a paz tao merecida. Foi emocionante!   Uma vez que eles se foram eu imediatamente pedi uma audiencia na Corte Karmica, pois sem duvida a cliente teria que reparar o erro o mais cedo possivel. Na hora, nos vimos em frente a uma corte com seres que pareciam advogados e juizes, mas esses sao cooperadores da Lei Divina, entao sao 100% justos. Eles disseram que ela teria que fazer a caridade. Eles mostraram a ela a imagem dela massageando a mao de uma senhora idosa com oleos, num asilo.  Ela concordou aliviada e agradecida.

Pouco tempo depois ela me mandou uma mensagem dizendo que ia comecar o trabalho voluntario num asilo que aloja doentes terminais que eram vitimas do Holocausto; nossa eu me arrepiei qdo li a mensagem! Ela segura a mao deles no momento da morte, pois eles nao tem familiares para o consolo do ultimo minuto. Que coisa linda nao e? Eu adoro final feliz!

A fase da violencia e uma fase natural na nossa evolucao, e uma pena que temos que passar pela violencia ante de desobrir o amor. Mas o dia de escolher o amor chega, apos milenios de aprendizado e amadurecimento.

O amor incondicional dissolve a dor, o amor resolve tudo, o amor liberta! Amor e vida! Amor e felicidade e liberdade!

Bencaos a todos!

Hello beloveds! This week I saw someone who was very affected by black magic. He had found bizarre things like human bones buried in a small whole in his front yard, a ball of human hair in his business, and he had even found a dead bird with some “offerings” at one stage. And a confirmation that he was under “invisible” attack was that everything was going wrong in this man’s life! I instantly knew that he must have practiced the dark arts in past lives, as there is no coincidences in life. When looking into the cause of all this, I see client in a past life torturing and removing body organs/parts of victims who lied on a table unconscious! He himself used people’s body parts in rituals! Needless to say we spent the whole session begging for people’s forgiveness and annulling spells. Some were happy to forgive and let go but some needed negotiation….we ended up helping so many spirits let go of vengeance and go to the light! We spent some time on self forgiveness as an essential part of the healing. When session was about to end a Demonic being enters the room and says he will never leave him as they have a contract and he controls him; soon after I see client in the “underworld”, stuck on the wall and being stabbed by this beast with its fork… you should have seen this place…it seemed to me exactly as people imagine “hell” is, lots of red color, fire, heat, excruciating sounds of pain and torture and to top it all up, I see not only client on wall but many others. it was intense! I had a feeling my client had spent long periods in this horrible place in the past… He dissolved contracts with Demon and put an end to this torturous partnership… he felt like he had released a tone of energetic waste…he felt finally free, but we were also exhausted! What a session! Sometimes I have to pinch myself as to the situations I witness and the transformations I facilitate…totally out of this world! lots of love beloveds!

Hello beloveds! This week I saw a lady who had no idea what I did but simply overheard someone talk about me & looked me up. She is a wine maker and all she wanted to work on was to achieve success in the new wines she is in the process of creating. She knew the idea for wine and bottle were great. She lies in the mandala of crystals and soon after she sees herself as a monk (she was male in that life) making wine in the church cellar with Dom Perignon! Dom was her superior in the church and overlooked her work. It truly amazes me where Crystal Dreaming therapy takes me sometimes… She saw herself having a good time with Dom, they would make wine, drink a bit too much, laugh their head off and “faint asleep” in the cellar…. She also mentioned an incident when she created champagne instead of wine by accident and everyone was angry at him (her), to soon realize that the mistake tasted quite good…. Now, the interesting part was that when client asked Dom if he loved her unconditionally, Dom said “we had a good time together…” in other words, Dom was “attached” to client because he had an agenda! Spirits who do not love us unconditionally attach to us because there’s something in it for them, of course! Dom was still attached to Earthly pleasures like drinking, making wine etc… she allowed his presence in her energy  as she looked up to him and relied on him for support, confidence etc.  A client needs no convincing to release a negative entity but in cases like this I need to make it really clear to client what is the cost of the partnership. I knew she was hesitant to let Dom go. Entities want us to believe we need them. Until we empower and realize that we actually don’t need them, as we already have everything we need inside of us! In reality they BLOCK us! After a bit of convincing Client dissolves contracts with Dom and Dom leaves! We helped Dom go to the Light! We released all co dependence so she was free to express her creativity, power and be fully successful in her own right. Session finished blissfully with client meeting her loving spirit guides for advice, every question was answered! Client was in awe as to how powerful session had been….I felt blissfully fulfilled and blessed as always! God bless beloveds, sending u all my love!

This week I saw a lady who was going through a tremendous crisis. She is divorced and has 3 children. She described her ex as a sociopath. she was concerned for her children’s safety. The children did not want to be around their dad. once i looked into this man’s photo I understood why. His heart was dark, very dark. People with dark hearts can be very dangerous as they do not have a conscience. During session we find out that my client had many lives with this man and she was killed or tortured by him in every single one of them. He had a strong hold on her as he knew what her vulnerabilities were. we also discovered that this man has a strong connection with the darkness. He feels that’s where he belongs. consequently he has lots of dark beings working for him (and draining his energy as payment of course) Even before she arrived at my clinic, I started feeling nauseated, I simply knew it was going to be an interesting session… as soon as she lies down in the Mandala of crystals she starts to cough with nausea, the nausea feeling is so strong that I have to center myself in love as not to get contaminated by it. All of a sudden she screams saying that a Huge Demonic being attacking her and clawing at her heart! I centered all my power and unconditional love that I could muster and dialog-ed with the beast through the client. I suggested client to say to beast not to be afraid of her as to confirm client’s power and that even though this being may b scary, it is also a Godly creation, so it deserves love and respect, but also firmness when dealing with it. I suggested the beast looked into its heart and tell what it sees….and then affirmed that it was a beautiful being of love and light…it got confused as usually fear is the common response from people….what happened next was simply amazing and unforgettable, it realizes that it actually IS a being of light and transforms into a beautiful angel!!!!!!!!!!!! The angel ascends into Divine light!! These beings have been told by their masters that they are not part of the light but that is a lie, all is Godly! The realization that he actually is a part of love is tremendous for these beings….needless to say client felt a tremendous relief and empowerment through this experience. Knowing that unconditional love heals and resolves the most difficult situations….I love being part of the team who works for the light as I know my work not only benefits individuals but everyone, and our beautiful planet. Earth is going through a cleansing process, it is evolving into love and so are we. Sending you all lots of love. Debbie

Hello beloveds! This week I saw a client who had a phobic fear of dying and loosing her family through death. a total irrational fear one may think. Once understanding the impact of past lives in our present life, we realize that all conditions have an initial cause. If the cause is not in this lifetime, it is DEFINITELY in a past life. When looking into the cause of this phobia, I see client as a woman in a past life being dragged up a hill by some soldiers dressed in medieval armour, helmets etc. Her children were also being dragged by these aggressive men. Once they reached the top of the hill, the soldiers coldly stabbed each of them with their swords and pushed them off the cliff. It was emotionally excruciatingly painful for client to watch her children to be killed in such cruel and brutal way. She felt powerless to help them. even after dead she wandered through spiritual realms, lost for a long time, searching for her children… naturally this marked her deeply. I asked her if she had in her heart to forgive these men and all responsible as forgiveness frees. She reluctantly agreed. It was very emotional, but she managed to truly forgive them and leave it all in past. Her children appeared and told her they were fine, they were happy and had moved on. This reunion was blissful and emotional. She finally made peace with that death and that event. And with this peace came the understanding that death and life are the same thing & that death is not meant to be feared but understood. God bless beloveds!


Em Portugues/Portuguese:


Ola queridos, essa semana fiz uma sessao para uma cliente que dizia ter uma fobia intensa e inexplicavel de que sua familia ia morrer a qualquer momento. Ela nao compreendia o porque disso,  pois nao tinha sofrido nenhuma perda nessa vida…  Bem, se a causa nao esta nessa vida, e claro que esta em vida passada.

A cliente deitou na Mandala sagrada de cristais e em pouco tempo ja se encontrava em um nivel de consciencia expandido, isto e, um nivel superconsciente.

Procuramos descobrir a causa da fobia. A cliente foi “levada” a um outro tempo-espaco. De repente ela descreve que esta sendo arrastada a forca, ao topo de uma montanha, por um grupo de soldados. Os soldados vestiam uniformes medievais. Ela notou que tinha 2 filhos, 1 menina e 1 menino e ambos tambem estavam sendo arrastados pelos soldados agressivos. Qdo eles alcancaram o topo da montanha, os soldados friamente esfaquearam a todos e os empurraram montanha abaixo.  Foi emocionalmente dificil para ela reviver esse momento de crueldade, mas totalmente necessario para que ela finalmente perdoasse a todos, inclusive a si mesma por ter feito o melhor que pode na epoca.  Notamos tambem que ela passou muito tempo perdida e atormentada no mundo spiritual procurando pelos filhos. Eu aconcelhei o perdao, pois o perdao nos liberta! Ela relutou um pouco mas acabou aceitando, pois estava pronta para a cura. Nos chamamos a todos os soldados involvidos, eles vieram e ela os perdoou de coracao. Logo apos, seus filhos aparereceram, foi uma reuniao tao linda e carinhosa!!! Eles estavam hiper bem e queriam muito que sua mae se curasse dessa ferida de uma vez por todas. Foram tantas lagrimas de alegria misturada com alivio. Finalmente ela foi capaz de trazer paz e aceitacao para essa situacao. Houve uma compreensao profunda de que a vida e eternal, e que a morte nao deve ser temida e sim compreendida. Me sinto abencoada por trazer Luz e Paz para minha vida e para a vida de muitos! Bencaos a todos voces!  Deborah