Hello beloveds! I am here today to help you reflect on the very important questions of life. Do you know why you are here? Do you understand the meaning of your life and of life? Are you fulfilling your Divine Destiny? Are you working on being the best person you can be? Are you trying to understand why the challenges of your life are there? we spend a lot of time submersed in what is happening and simply forget to look at the big picture. We are mostly “looking down” when we should be “looking up”. We are also mostly looking outside of ourselves for answers and guidance, while we should be looking INside of ourselves! When we search, we eventually find. Do not leave till tomorrow what you can do today! Do not waste any more time, NOW IS THE TIME! Do not wait to be happy “one day”, be happy, healthy, joyful NOW!! Abundance is our natural state! God bless…

I have been wanting to share a healing I did in Rio for Mary who is a spiritual healer as myself. She is very knowledgeable, and she is part of a well known spiritual/philosophical group in her city. In spite of all her achievements, she expressed having low self steam as she felt unappreciated and neglected by parents in her childhood and beyond.  I knew that most of the session would be based on healing how she felt towards parents and herself. Forgiveness was necessary.  Then, right at the beginning of session, she started seeing a light that looked like a star at first than transformed into a weird form that looked like a fire breathing  mouth with sharp teeth around it, it was not a pleasant presence.  Client affirmed” “I am aware of your presence, show yourself to me and tell me what do you want!”  soon after, Mary thought of a “friend” , Mark, from her spiritual group community, who “made himself” a big part of her life. But how was he related to this angry and manipulative being? Soon after I had a vision. I saw Mark and right behind him there was a wizard with a very strong cord attached to his back!  The cord made sure that Mark was a puppet for the wizard’s evil intents, and the wizard was draining this man’s vital energy. Energy is the currency of spirit world.    The worse part was that Mark felt he had to attach his own  cords to people as to drain their energy, as he needed to make up for his own  energy loss caused by this unhealthy symbiosis.  This man was being used by the wizard in exchange for a false sense of power and importance. 

So what this meant for people he encountered is that he looked for their vulnerabilities, and as soon as he picked up on Mary’s vulnerability, low self-steam, he saw his opportunity. Bit by bit he infiltrated her life. Using his personal charm and false charisma, he took advantage of the fact Mary was not able to say NO to him. First he was ringing often, then visiting often and late at night at times, then he started making himself at home at her place and  even making sure she only had him as a friend by dissolving her friendships in the spiritual group, though conflict….   All boundaries were gradually violated, including her energetic boundary. He is an energetic vampire and she was one of his victims, and the saddest part is that he is infiltrated in a “spiritual group”. During session Mary recognized him as the typical “bear friend”.  She finally connected to the fact that every meeting or conversation had a subtle selfish agenda on his part and worse even, she was so accustomed to his presence in her life that the disconnection would not be easy. its interesting how we tend to get used to situations and turn them in to habits even when they are detrimental to us. These situations happen so that we can understand which areas of our lives need to be strengthened or transformed. 

We went through a process of dissolving contracts and forgiveness, these were the perfect ingredients for disconnection to occur. No suffering is eternal! It’s up to us to to remember our power and to express it in a loving and balanced way. Mary understood that by saying yes to Mark, she was actually saying NO to herself! And this needed to change. She forgave herself and promised  herself that she would say yes to herself from that day onward.  

The wizard was not happy at all to be found out, but he had no choice. Our free will is sacred. Nothing can stay with us unless we allow it. Mary felt empowered and finally free!

The remainder of Mary’s session was based on making peace with parents, dissolving old programming and bringing her power back! 

Mary’s spirit guide was a wise Native American elder. His advice was based on trusting herself and life, not worrying about the “small stuff” and never stopping to dream.  Mary’s session  was a beautiful journey! Unforgettable!  

Ps. Names have been changed for privacy.



Hello beloveds! just a quick note to let you know I am going to Brazil to visit my family and also to further my studies and knowledge in the healing arts. I’ll be back to Sydney in January 2015. Back to clinic in the last week of January 2015. Hope to see you then. Wishing u a wonderful Xmas and a very happy New Year! God bless!!!!!!!!!!  Debbie

Hello beloveds! this week I saw a client who has been having money problems. every area he tried to invest money into was not successful in the end, by what he told me, there was a definite block in the financial area. 
I asked him to say an affirmation to unlock the memory of when this problem started….straight away I am taken to another time-space, client was someone important and he was traveling in a horse carriage. it seemed like a long trip and he had a lot of money in the carriage. All of sudden a group of thieves ambush the carriage, kill client violently and take all the money. Until today client was furious with these men. I saw the “men” still drinking, laughing and bragging about their “win”. They were disrespectful and sarcastic. I guided client to speak to them…forgiveness was the first and most crucial step! Client managed with difficulty, fortunately being released from the trauma became more important. After forgiveness, client asked them: “Do you realize you are dead?”, One of the men threw his bottle on the ground violently…..they had no idea they had been “stuck” for so long!!! We offered to help them find the light. Hesitantly they agreed, we called on their team of spirit guides and ancestors and they left with their guides, releasing themselves and client from trauma! We also dissolved some limiting beliefs surrounding money and replaced them for healthy ones.   It was a beautiful conclusion. Client was mesmerized as to what had just happened….even though the event had occurred hundreds of years ago, it seemed as fresh as yesterday!  
Abundance of all good things life has to offer is our Divine birthright, including money and material wealth. Money is a neutral energy, we can use for wonderful things! We can use money to create love. 
The Divine is pure abundance so we do have a very wealthy parent, God! Lets accept our Divine inheritance now! If it’s not flowing, there’s a reason behind it and it is important to uncover this reason as to learn from it, dissolve it and be free to the full expression of our light and beauty! God bless beloveds.

Hello beloveds! This week I have done an interesting house energy cleanse. This was an old house in an affluent part of Sydney. even though the house was old and had a long history, it has been refurbished by the new owner, my client. She called me saying that she fell in love with the house when she saw it and decided to buy it, but once she started living in it, she realized that she may have to move out and sell it as it was haunted! So here I come, ready to go “ghost bursting”. Once there, I had a walk around the house and I felt, saw & heard a lot of spirit activity! But one of the rooms concerned me more than the others as I felt tremendous rage when I entered it. I held my programmed crystal ball which allows me to travel inter-dimentionaly, so I could check exactly what was going on “on the other side” and interact with any beings present in the house. I connected with my beloved team of spirit guides and we went to the “angry room” first. I connected with the angry spirit who was stuck there for a long time, and asked why he was so angry, instantly I started seeing a man beating a woman, then I realized she was pregnant. After severely beating this woman, he strangles her. And soon after, he hangs himself. Wow, it was intense. He was consumed by intense heavy explosive vibrations….I started talking to him compassionately and explained that he did not need to suffer any longer and that I could help him to find the light and find peace. It wasn’t so easy because he went from rage to sadness and guilty, so he didn’t feel he deserved to be helped..after much loving negotiation, he decides to go to the light! What a relief!  There was a “portal” (spirits enter the space through portals) in that room which my guides helped close as well.  After that I had to deal with a few man, a woman, a female teenager and a couple of children who had lived there previously and had tragic deaths in or around the house. I also sensed lots of beings simply passing through as if to go somewhere, I asked them to please travel around the house and not through the house as a gesture of respect to the owner. all of a sudden a being with a sword appeared but he placed his sword back into his scabbard. and he said to me “No problems, we can go around the house” , I thanked him. I also dealt with clients’ mother and father who were present in her energy and in the house. Mother was attached for control reasons and father was worried and wanted to protect daughter. I had a chat to them and let them know their daughter was very capable of looking after herself and needed space to discover her own powers. Mother took a bit more convincing to leave but in the end, they left. They were able to go to the Light which was the best for everyone since they were not ready to be by her side. so much was achieved in one visit, I could not believe it. I even got some help from the spirits of Native Australians who look after the land. They helped me cleanse and protect the house, and all they asked was that the owner looked after the land with love and did not cut the trees, as they were sacred to them. all agreed and resolved! it was a huge session! Once I finished client confirmed everything I felt and saw as being accurate, as she also felt the beings/energies in the house. She said that a few days ago a couple of tradesman who came into the house became angry for no apparent reason,. And she also said there was a crypt close by, that explained the huge amount of spirits passing by….. I felt a great sense of accomplishment. On the following day client calls me saying the house is clear and it feels amazing!! I feel very blessed that I can share my gifts to bring light, love and peace! God bless beloveds!

Hello beloveds! most weeks I see people that have a demonic being trying to control them. At some stage they connected to it. a common theme in my clinic is – the client has dabbled in black magic, either in this life or a past life, and entered into a contract with the Demonic being. Both want power. The contract will stay valid until dissolved. Their presence causes anger, fear, anxiety, uneasy feelings etc. in worse cases, the “victim” could become totally subdued by Demonic energy – Demonic possession. I tend to see a lot of clients who have psychic abilities or want to work as healers but have this block that needs to be released so they can be free to shine. Naturally this being has no interest in client becoming free and conscious. In fear, someone is much easier to control.
I have dealt with so many demonic entities that I have lost count….the interesting part is, years ago, when I was learning Crystal Dreaming with my mentor and beloved teacher Raym, he told the group of students that when we dealt with a Demonic being in a session for the first time, that we should expect a visit from the same being at night, when we were in bed most probably… can just imagine the fear that caused in everyone…to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to that visit…..and it DID happen. I was in bed with my daughter reading a book, all of a sudden we both felt an energy change in the room. If it had a sound I would say it went from a higher note to a much lower note, the vibration fell. the room got colder, my daughter covered her face and said she was afraid. I used the affirmations which Raym guided us to use, like: “You have no purpose here as I have nothing to learn about fear, thank u for your service but you do not have my permission to stay here, go in peace”. I called on my spirit guides for support, and almost instantly I felt the energy in the room lift again. What a relief, my initiation was over! Nowadays I don’t see this as an “out there” experience any more as dealing with these beings has become fairly common for me. but fortunately I don’t seem to get their visits outside of session times, my guides must be at work and I feel tremendously grateful for that! the best way to avoid Demonic influence is to vibrate love. Positive loving thoughts ALWAYS! Faith in the perfection of creation, Trust in the Divine. Where there is no fear, there’s no anger. And it is of ultimate importance to forgive ourselves for any mistakes from the past, we learn mostly though our mistakes, so mistakes are ok, as long as we are growing, learning, evolving… love self ALWAYS….
God bless beloveds!

Hi everyone! every Friday night I run an advanced psychic development group. Each week we practice different types of psychic abilities and skills; like “reading” photos, psychometry (“reading” personal items), “reading” auras etc…. I have always been attracted to “missing persons” cases. if you are looking for a loved one or know someone who’s missing and the family is looking for them, you are welcome to privately contact me  & give me their names and we’ll do some psychic work to try to find them. This needs to be done with the families consent, of course. It is best if I don’t get a lot of information as not to “taint” the reading. Thank u beloveds and talk soon. Love.

Hello beloveds. Do you believe in alien existence or not? Well, about once a week I help clients remove alien implants/devices. A few years a go I doubted that aliens existed and I always thought it was a movie fantasy. Now I simply know they exist and that they implant on us without our permission. They are technologically advanced but at this stage, have lost touch with their own spirituality and love. Implants in the head area are common as they are very curious about our brain, but I have encountered them in all parts of the body. clients may complain of headaches, pains or strange feelings that doctors can not diagnose. by the way, if you are suffering from any ailment that can not be diagnosed, you need to see an energetic healer. Implants are etheric (energy), they are in a vibration that can be felt but not seen, for this reason doctors are unable to diagnose, but truth is THERE IS a foreign body inside of us. naturally this will cause problems. if you have ever had a strange dream involving aliens, have had any thought/interest connection with aliens, watch out, you may have been implanted on. the best way to deal with this is to remember of your radiance and power. nothing has power over you if you do not allow it! You are a sovereign being of light! Fear is an illusion and only love is eternal! Be love…God bless….

Hello beloveds, this week I saw a client who simply “knew” his ailments were probably spiritual/energetic as doctors were not able to diagnose. He was so right. One of the problems he had was stabbing pains in the stomach. when we said an affirmation for his body to release the memory of what happened here, he saw a witch with a knife and she proceed to slice his stomach open….
what he perceived was that he was partners with this woman in a past life, but eventually he decided he wanted to help people rather than use his talents to overpower others. the witch was not happy, there was a conflict of interest; she also felt jealous and angry that he had a good relationship with the people.
after spending some time counseling the witch she decides to change her ways and go into the light….nothing and nobody can resist the power of love and forgiveness…
Our beautiful planet is going through a cleansing process right now as its vibration is rising…and so is ours….I love being part of the group of workers who are contributing to this new era of more peace and love….God bless beloveds!

This week I saw a client who was constantly feeling like something terrible was about to happen, specially while in social situations or public places. She was always close to having a panic attack and she was terrified to loose consciousness. She had no idea why this was happening. There was nothing in this lifetime that could possibly have caused it. I simply knew the cause was in a past life, as every condition has an initial cause. Dealing with the cause, we can dissolve it. I asked client to say an affirmation to release the memory. suddenly I saw “myself” (client), standing in tremendous fear and despair with 2 kids wrapped around my hips, while watching a huge tsunami wave approaching, soon after I experienced feelings of drowning. Not pleasant. The client said that it made so much sense as she was always afraid of water and so were her children in this lifetime. In that moment I realized that her children in this lifetime were also her children in that lifetime. We removed energies of fear and despair with energies of love, peace, trust in the perfection of creation etc. I felt a huge amount of energy shifting. We also replaced negative beliefs with positive ones. We did this for mum and children. Finally, they made peace with that traumatic death, and were reminded that life is eternal, so fear is not necessary. Needless to say client left my place feeling as light as a bird….oh I love my job!!!!!!!!!!! God bless beloveds!!!!!!!!!!

TSUNAMI em Portugues

Ha algum tempo atras uma cliente me procurou pois estava se sentindo extremamente ansiosa, prestes a ter um ataque de panico, pois achava que algo terrivel estava para acontecer, sentia isso principalmente quanto estava em situacoes de contato com o publico. Ela morria de medo de perder os sentidos na rua. Ela nao sabia de onde vinha isso, pois nao haviam causas para isso nessa vida. Bem, e claro que se a causa nao esta nessa vida, ela esta em outra, em vida passada, pois tudo tem uma causa inicial. Qdo descobrimos a causa de um desequilibrio ou bloco, fica muito mais facil de anula-lo ou dissolve-lo. Eu amo a terapia que pratico, que se chama Cristal Dreaming, pois atraves dela e possivel acessar qualquer tempo ou espaco para se descobrir a causa inicial. Eu guiei a cliente a fazer uma afirmacao para liberar a memoria do evento que causou a fobia. De repente a cliente viu a si propria com duas criancas abracadas em sua cintura, ela estava em desespero e com muito medo, pois a sua frente vinha uma onda gigantesca capaz de demolir uma cidade inteira. Logo apos a cliente sentiu-se afogando, uma sensacao terrivel. Eu a lembrei que essa sensacao ja ia passar e que era importante ela reviver o trauma para finalmente compreende-lo e libera-lo, criando uma energia de paz com o que o aconteceu. Tudo fez sentido para ela, pois confirmou que tinha muito medo de nadar e que seus filhos tambem tem medo da agua. Entao ela compreendeu que seus filhos daquela vida, sao seus filhos de agora e que a liberacao desse trauma beneficiara a todos.

Energias de medo e desespero foram dissolvidas, e energias de amor, paz, compreensao, confianca  na perfeicao da Criacao foram absorvidas (cura do corpo emocional). Nos tambem trabalhamos em seu corpo mental, trocando crencas negativas por positivas. A cura foi possivel a cliente e seus filhos. Finalmente, ela trouxe paz aquela morte, e foi lembrada de que a vida e eternal, e de que o medo e uma ilusao.

A cliente deixou minha clinica se sentindo leve como um passarinho. Como eu amo o meu trabalho!!! Me sinto muito realizada por trazer luz a vida de muitos e a nossa querida Mae Terra. Bencaos para todos.