I constantly help clients who are being disturbed by entities. I help them to dissolve contracts and cut cords with these beings. Most times forgiveness is also necessary. There are occasions when a being will stay connected to a client through anger or any other negative emotion, for eons. Forgiveness and disconnection is a tremendous relief.
These entities’ disturbance can happen as a strange feeling of fear or anxiety which has no cause, that is, “nothing” triggered it. These beings can also interfere in our dreams causing us to have nightmares. Another common situations is for people to see or feel them as they are falling asleep. They usually look scary and say things that are scary or upsetting. Sometimes their influence is subtle, that annoying “little voice” in our heads. Our world is intertwined with “their world”. Just like we have learned to live with the fierce animals of our Earth, we need to learn how to live harmoniously with these beings as well.
Truth is, these beings have no power over us unless we give them that power. They count on us not knowing what to do and feeling fearful, this way we are much easier to control. We need to always remember our light and our power. We are much more powerful than we can imagine! The 1st step to avoid their influence is to watch your thoughts. are your thoughts positive or negative? Do u pray for peace or do u watch war and violent movies? Everything you take in become part of you. This includes all forms, physical (water, food, drugs etc), emotional (tv shows, news, entertainment etc), mental ( positive or negative thoughts) etc… What are u resonating with? Love or grief? This is the 1st step to avoid heavy vibrations. Entities vibrate heavily; RADIATE LOVE! Radiating love is a natural repellent to these entities who want to disturb. Another reason why we should aim for LOVE in every thought and every action. God bless beloveds!!!