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Hello beloveds! This week I saw a male client who felt like a woman at times… but he really wanted to be a man & was very confused as to why he felt like this & at times asked himself if he was gay, bisexual etc., he told me this situation was also huge block […]

Hello beloveds! I wanted to have a chat about our relationship with our parents and our social programming, as in a lot of sessions I run clients need to forgive their parents for causing them hurt or not fulfilling their needs. Most of us need to go through this process of forgiving our parents. Now […]

Hello beloveds, this week John came to see me to work on anger issues & he also complained of pain in his hips and left ankle. He lied on the sacred crystal Mandala and gradually entered a very deep state (an expanded or altered state of being), When we asked his body to show when […]

HOW LONG has it been since you had a healing?? We put our car for service every 6 months or so but how about cleansing and clearing our own energies? We all collect unwanted energies along the way..and when these are not cleared they turn into imbalance and disease. Even an imbalance that seems physical […]

I was sitting on a rock formation looking at the amazing valley bellow and all around.. nature is such a radiant thing.. I shed a few tears… this rock must have some kind of magic because every time i sit on it I feel like releasing tears… then the message came: “with every tear, one […]

Hello beloveds, I have a great collection of crystals for sale! They make a beautiful present! I have amazing Lemurians at great prices at the moment, they are big & have sacred geometry/windows! get in quick as i know they will “fly” out the door! I also have all Crystal Dreaming mandala crystals (including record […]

Hello beloveds! This week i saw a man whose wife died of breast cancer about a month ago; needless to say he was grief stricken. John found me through a friend of his, Maria, who not only brought him to my home clinic, but also booked a session straight after him; she was also looking […]

Hello beloveds, in the last few weeks I have seen at least 3 clients who had to make the difficult choice to abort a child at some stage of their journey, either because they were very young or their life situation was unstable. In all of the 3 cases the child was very present with […]

The therapy I practice deals with past lives but not only that….. through Crystal Dreaming we can access the “no time space” which is the same as “ALL TIME SPACE!”. What this means is: we are able to access any event from this lifetime or any other lifetime or reality to resolve (dissolve) anything that […]