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Hello beloveds, I have a great collection of crystals for sale! They make a beautiful present! I have amazing Lemurians at great prices at the moment, they are big & have sacred geometry/windows! get in quick as i know they will “fly” out the door! I also have all Crystal Dreaming mandala crystals (including record […]

Hello beloveds! This week i saw a man whose wife died of breast cancer about a month ago; needless to say he was grief stricken. John found me through a friend of his, Maria, who not only brought him to my home clinic, but also booked a session straight after him; she was also looking […]

Hello beloveds, in the last few weeks I have seen at least 3 clients who had to make the difficult choice to abort a child at some stage of their journey, either because they were very young or their life situation was unstable. In all of the 3 cases the child was very present with […]

The therapy I practice deals with past lives but not only that….. through Crystal Dreaming we can access the “no time space” which is the same as “ALL TIME SPACE!”. What this means is: we are able to access any event from this lifetime or any other lifetime or reality to resolve (dissolve) anything that […]

Hello beloveds! my message today is a warning…beware the energy vampires… a few months ago I went into a crystal shop, I was enjoying myself looking at all crystals and new age stuff; then I decide to go upstairs, a space less visited but i thought I might find a bargain there…while looking around upstairs […]

Hello beloveds! This week I have helped 3 clients being affected by black magic. Every case was based on jealously and resentment. Not very pleasant energies. In one of the cases, the clients’ stepmother paid someone to make sure stepdaughter was stuck, specially financially, and failed at any attempt to achieve success. Even though the […]

Hello beloveds, this week I saw a client who simply “knew” his ailments were probably spiritual/energetic as doctors were not able to diagnose. He was so right. One of the problems he had was stabbing pains in the stomach. when we said an affirmation for his body to release the memory of what happened here, […]

Hello beloveds! I saw a client the other day who had some questions regarding her career as a psychotherapist. she was a lady probably in her 70′s. the session went really well, there were some minor block/energy releases. It was easy to connect with her team of loving spirit guides for advice. She felt blissful […]

Beloveds this week I facilitated some amazing sessions!!! In 2 of the sessions the clients’ spirit guide was Archangel Michael, in one of them it was a beautiful being called Jacob and in the last one Ascended Master Jesus came! They were all incredible!!! But I can never have enough of Jesus’ energy! I always […]