Crystal Sound Therapy with crystal singing bowls

Immersing ourselves in the amazing sound vibrations of alchemy (quartz and gemstones) and classic (quartz) crystal bowls is like being in another dimension of reality where light and love embrace you.

The spirit is uplifted and soul connection can be experienced as the refined pure vibrations of the crystal bowls balance your energy chakras and aura.

A deeply relaxing for of healing for someone wanting to find peace, balance and nurturing.

Personal Singing Bowl Therapy

Debbie guides and supports your personal healing and empowerment with integrity, confidentiality and sensitivity. A crystal sound session is created individually and includes the following:

           • Consultation/counseling, diagnosis of energy field (aura/charkras)
           • Creation of personal affirmation/intention 
           • Crystals and gems laid on various locations of the body (you remain fully clothed)
           • Crystal sound session with crystal singing bowls


Where: Grays Point, Sydney (1o mins from Westfield Miranda)

Cost: $130 (1.25 hour session) or $200 (2.25 hour session)



The magical sound vibration of the crystal singing bowls are a very important part of my group healing meditations. Go to group meditation page for more info.

Group sound sessions are available upon request.