Crystal Workshop

Crystal Workshop

IMG_0162Ignite your passion to the beauty and wonder of ALL THINGS CRYSTAL as Debbie guides you into and beyond your senses to explore this fascinating world.

Crystals are truly magical and they can help us immensely in our journeys! When we join forces with our crystalline allies, life becomes empowered, inspired and meaningful.








Debbie will be working on all of the below fundamentals to allow you a deeper understanding and connection with these wonderful crystalline friends.

  • The amazing variations of crystals and understanding their moment of creation
  • Fundamental meditative techniques to connect with your crystal(s)
  • Learn to harness the energy of crystals to improve your life
  • Cleansing and crystal care
  • How to program your own personal crystal

This is a fun and hands on workshop. This workshop is also a great opportunity for like minded people to connect.

*Morning tea included.

When: Sat 14th July 2017

Where: Grays Point, Sydney (1o mins from Westfield Miranda)

Time: 10am – 1pm (3hrs)

Cost: $100 (includes a FREE clear quartz programmed by you!!