Debbie’s vision

To transform the reality of this planet and the people who live here into one of peace, understanding, acceptance and brotherhood. The 1st step to achieve this, is the healing of the Planet and its people. I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and in our world. I am passionate about reminding everyone that Divine Love and Divine Light is our birth right and that once we open our hearts to this beautiful light, every aspect of our living becomes nurtured, fulfilled and guided.

I cultivate the art to live life with gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude for the happy moments, and also gratitude for life’s difficult phases and events, as they teach us valuable lessons which contribute to our growth and wisdom. Life without challenges would probably result in life without deeper meaning, so embrace every phase and every challenge with courage, and optimism. Understanding and absorbing our lessons is of utmost importance. Any difficulty we go through always has a lesson “attached” to it. As we understand and absorb the lesson inner changes occur, we evolve and that challenge is no longer necessary in our lives.

To be whole is to embrace every aspect of life with love and to embrace every aspect of ourselves with love.

I look forward to helping you rediscover the treasures within.

                                                                                                       Hugs Debbie