If you feel that the energy in your home or office feels “heavy”, saturated with negative energy, or if you are experiencing unwanted paranormal activity, it is time for an energy lift. Reasons for cleansing your home :

  • The energy feels heavy and uncomfortable.
  • Unwanted paranormal activity – strange noises/sounds, feeling “watched” or touched, interference in everyday life etc
  • Removal of entities and negative energies
  • There has been a tragedy or a negative event there in the past.
  • you have just moved into a home (especially if there was someone living there previously)
  • you are selling your home ( an energy of peace will attract buyers)
  • the arrival of a new baby
  • you may have your own reason

Debbie can cleanse your home and also teach you how to maintain a light and harmonious feel in your environment.

Price starts at $250 depending on travel distance. Have a Crystal Dreaming and a house clearing & cleansing on the same visit for $300 (Price may vary depending on travel distance)