Meet Debbie

Debbie Picket Crystal Dreaming

I was born in Brazil and come from a family of psychics. Seeing and feeling the presence of spirits in my family home was a very common event.

Spirituality has always been a very important & natural aspect of life for me. Since a very young age I have asked the big questions of life. I just knew I wasn’t here by accident and that there was so much more around than the 5 senses can pick up on. I knew that death was an illusion of the senses.

My faith, inner-strength and wisdom were tested when I was faced with the sickness and eventually death of a son in 2005. While going through this tough event, my mediumship abilities resurfaced and I also acquired compassion, empathy and a spirit of service. It is true that through great suffering we also gain great gifts. If it wasn’t for this event I would not be here today. My beloved son Fabian is my inspiration!

After this event, I studied & practiced all aspects of spiritual inter-communication and the mechanisms of the spirit world. I have been practicing as a medium for over 7 years. I decided to use these skills towards healing as I realized that Healing is my passion. At a deeper level I understood that healing would bring me peace and freedom. I knew healing would restore my power and I felt ready to use my power in service to unconditional love. By understanding and embracing my own healing with courage, I knew I could help others do the same if they were ready.

I started my healing journey by attending a Holistic Kinesiology course for a year at the College of Complementary Medicine, in Hornsby. After completion I realised I had a gift in understanding and dealing with energies, and the energetic body.

During that same year I came across Raym’s articles at the holistic newspapers’ “Living Now” describing Crystal Dreaming shamanic healing sessions he facilitated. I was totally mesmerised by them and decided I wanted to learn those techniques. I attended Raym’s training in June 2010 & started practicing straight away. After one year of practice I became an Advanced Practitioner. Within 3 years of practice I became a teacher of this magical therapy.  Crystal Dreaming is the most profound healing technique I have ever found as it deals with the root cause of imbalances & it is so empowering. This modality never ceases to inspire me, results have been incredible. Needless to say that the last few years have been so rich in healing , learning, growing and self discovery for myself and my clients – priceless!

Another great passion of mine is playing the crystal singing bowls. Sound therapy is a gentle, nurturing and it brings inner peace.  Once I heard and experienced the crystalline sounds & vibrations I decided I had to learn how to play them so that other people could also experience the peace and the unconditional love I felt through them. Once experienced, never forgotten. This form of therapy is great for balancing the energy body (aura, chakras etc) creating health, balance and peace.

Meditation has become an essential part of my life; it is as important as exercising the body – it is exercising the spirit! I share the gift of meditation by running group meditation every Thursday night at my home clinic. These are magically peaceful and include the crystalline sound vibrations.

I feel that by following my heart and my bliss I show love and respect for myself, others and the Divine. I accept my Divine Plan with appreciation and determination. Sharing my gifts and the flow of light that comes from above is part of that plan.

                    Debbie Shaman