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“Debbie is an absolutely phenomenal healer with loads of experience and always has the best interest of her clients at heart. Highly recommended”.

Yvette Bronner

I was going through a tough time in my life, I was getting chest pains and feeling mentally like I was losing my way. After my first meeting with Debbie my chest pains disappeared and I was starting to feel better about myself. After my second visit I was feeling stronger and more positive about my life. I would highly recommend My Crystal Bliss, Debbie is very professional with a genuine gift which she is happy to share.



My experience with Debbie was out of this world. For more than 30 years, I have had entities visiting me at night whilst asleep. To the point where I thought I was literally going insane. I would be scared going to sleep every night not knowing what I would experience next.

Last year I was at my lowest of lows. I was working for my in laws which wasn’t the smartest move. During that time I was so unhappy working there, it had increased my venerability of having entities visit more frequently. This all led me on a decline sad sorry road that turned me to seeking medical attention and be prescribed with anti depressants. It was then my relationship with my in laws went from bad to worse, I had no job, no money, no house and moved back with my parents. My life was still on the decline and I had lost my faith with everything and everyone. Thoughts of not wanting to live were going through my head and I had reached the lowest of lows.

Shortly after a friend of mine advised me about Crystal Dreaming so I took the initiative and made a booking with Debbie. I have never looked back since. From the very first session I finally understood what these entities wanted and how I could get them to leave me alone and have a pleasant, restful sleep. But the most important thing that I achieved during this session was happiness. I was actually happy. But it wasn’t until through other session where I found true happiness with Crystal Dreaming. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Jesus and God through crystal dreaming. Words cannot describe the amazing blissful feeling that I experienced. The unconditional love they had for me was truly amazing. I can’t stress that there are no words on this earth that can describe this feeling.

So I have no job, I have no money, but i’m the happiest I’ve ever felt in my whole life. The more happy I feel, the more I feel God, Jesus and my spirit guide, flowing through my body. I have lost the anger that I had inside me and I have so much more compassion. My fiancee and friends have notice that when I laugh that they can see my laughing through my heart now.

I can recommend Crystal Dreaming with Debbie for everyone who wants to find true happiness within themselves.




I recently had a crystal dreaming session with Debbie and recommend it to any-one looking for healing support or spiritual connection. The crystal dreaming technique is a highly effective method for witnessing and releasing unwanted emotional or energetic blocks. Debbie gently guides the process, creating a safe healing space with wise and loving presence. I immediately felt a deep connection and complete trust in Debbie as a healer. This facilitated a profound experience for me of shifting old family patterns, and opening into Love.

I recommend a session with Debbie to any-one ready to take the next step in their soul journey

Michelle from Brisbane

A precious, priceless, enlightening, unforgettable experience! I highly recommend this journey. Thank you Debbie.xo

Rebecca Bexi