I was sitting on a rock formation looking at the amazing valley bellow and all around.. nature is such a radiant thing.. I shed a few tears… this rock must have some kind of magic because every time i sit on it I feel like releasing tears… then the message came: “with every tear, one more layer of illusion is dissolved!” i was blown away by such message of wisdom. I sure am in a constant search for the Truth, so the layers come off gradually as I allow my radiance to be free, liberated. Our radiance is the truth! With each layer that comes off, there’s more freedom & love than ever before as these are also the Truth. all this makes me think of the snake as it sheds its skin creating change, growth and liberation. A lot of us are searching for the truth outside of ourselves, but this is not a waste of time as this journey will eventually guide one back inside oneself.. so nothing is a waste. Life is a sacred & magical thing and it should be treated as such. Blessings beloveds! Debbie Shaman

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