Hello beloveds! my message today is a warning…beware the energy vampires… a few months ago I went into a crystal shop, I was enjoying myself looking at all crystals and new age stuff; then I decide to go upstairs, a space less visited but i thought I might find a bargain there…while looking around upstairs I noticed a card reader in the corner, I politely said hi and she starts chatting away…talking about herself nonstop…whenever I managed to say something about myself she would criticize it or negate it somehow…she was truly trying to push my buttons…I did not understand why at the time… but i truly had enough when I said i had to go & that my family was waiting for me and she simply ignored me and continued talking…I looked down and sent her the telepathic message that I had enough and that she had no power over me; she said: “ok fine” & I left. Only once I was out of the shop I realized what she was doing; she had her disgusting energetic tentacles all over me and she was trying to find an opening (a weakness – anger, insecurity etc) in my energy field so she could drain my energy… a professional card reader and a professional vampire… be careful who you chose to work with at a psychic level, always make sure they have good intentions and work from the heart. God bless!

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