The therapy I practice deals with past lives but not only that…..
through Crystal Dreaming we can access the “no time space” which is the same as “ALL TIME SPACE!”. What this means is: we are able to access any event from this lifetime or any other lifetime or reality to resolve (dissolve) anything that may be limiting you in the NOW. The final aim is always about bringing you back to your natural state which is one of happiness, joy, fulfillment & freedom. Our natural state is also one of abundance and creativity. We only need to look at nature to perceive the flow of this abundance and creativity in its full expression. Because we have free will we subconsciously or unconsciously block the flow of this creativity or abundance; the reason we react this way, is because some past event has caused us pain and still affect us today. If this event happened in this life it is possible for traditional therapy to help you understand the cause of your afflictions and blocks (after many sessions most probably), but if this event is in a past life, traditional therapy is useless and frustrating. Clients have reported that one session of Crystal Dreaming = one year of traditional counseling! This is because Crystal Dreaming deals with the true cause of blocks & limitations instantly!
Some of the sessions I run are very much based on this lifetime as we ALL tend to have to forgive our parents, family member or friend. Once we understand that freedom is so much more important than holding a grudge or blaming, then we make the decision to free ourselves through forgiveness. It starts with forgiveness and then eventually we realize that there was nothing to forgive,as we are here to learn and grow. And most times than not we choose those experiences ourselves so we can learn about unconditional love. Once we grow beyond forgiveness we achieve true freedom! a freedom that is not affected by anything or anyone as we are TRULY FREE! True freedom does not judge or blame, it simply experiences with an open heart. Blessings! Debbie

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