Hello beloveds! I am eager to tell you about a home visit I did the other night… I received a call about a week ago from John who told me he hadn’t slept properly for years! He was being constantly harassed by entities who would scare him, do nasty things to him & he felt powerless. A few times he woke up with an entity squeezing his neck… a few times he thought he was going to die… things were pretty serious! He also said that he felt & saw a Demon in his room when he was a child, the Demon had his claw on his shoulder, naturally he felt intense fear. He saw the same Demon standing at the end of his bed once or twice more through his life….he was simply fed up…pretty understandable… 
I decided to go to his place just in case the problem was in the home….once I got there and we started talking I realized that the issue was not with the house. The entities were interested in John personally. He lies in the Mandala of crystals, it takes hardly any time and he is already “flying” in space and going through tunnels of light into other dimensions, as I suspected J was very psychic & clairvoyant, he experienced the journey as if it was a movie! First we dealt with an angry and dark entity who he saw in his room many times before. We dialogue with the male entity and ask him why he is there, Soon after John sees himself in another life shooting a man (the entity) in the head with a riffle. He begs for forgiveness and it is easily resolved. Entity goes to the Light. Then another entity turns up saying he is God, but the energy does not feel good. When asked if he loves John unconditionally he can not hide his true identity. There are lots of “false prophets” out there, we can tell though, as they do not vibrate in Unconditional Love. We dissolved contracts and relationship. We dealt with lots of entities who wanted to deceive J somehow….I had a feeling they managed before, but now it was time for John to empower and affirm: “Enough is enough! I take my power back NOW!” it was very educational for him to learn and understand that nothing or no one has power over us unless we allow it! And that we are powerful beings of LIGHT! Towards the end of session we called the Demonic being who had visited before to step forward…he came in as soon as we called…it was a FULL ON MOTHER DEMON, the Demon of all Demons…..the room got darker and colder…. The Demon waves a piece of paper in his claw…there is a contract and he is adamant that the contract is eternal. We asked to be shown when John signed contract, then J sees himself in a line of people in hell, they were all signing contracts, they felt they deserved it! I decided to change my approach and got client to say: “You are beautiful, in you I see great light and great love! Our agreement is dissolved as I have nothing else to learn from you. Thank u for your service & Thank u for your contribution to humanity”. The Demon stops in its tracks…it is amazed that anyone would see the beauty in him…. right then client sees Demon burning the contract, it was final. Soon after, Demon enters a hole on the ground and goes back to Hell. it was incredible! When we called John’s team of spirit guides, God came, this time the real God, the room filled with a loving intensity. The interesting part is that until then, John refused to believe in God and used to say to people he would only believe when he saw God with his own eyes and that’s exactly what was happening in that moment! I understood then that the sole reason for all that was happening in his life and the reason for the session was so that he would reconnect with the Light & BELIEVE IN GOD AGAIN!

God bless beloveds


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