Hello beloveds, this week John came to see me to work on anger issues & he also complained of pain in his hips and left ankle. He lied on the sacred crystal Mandala and gradually entered a very deep state (an expanded or altered state of being), When we asked his body to show when the anger started, he immediately saw himself as a Jew in a concentration camp. He was young, around 17, he was furious! He endured great suffering and humiliation and became one of the thousands who died in the gas chamber. I advised him on forgiveness as the choice to forgive would free him from this trauma, dissolve ties with perpetrators and release the past. After some negotiation he agrees, we called on the ones involved and 3 Gestapo officers appear, they were earthbound – stuck in time space, no idea they had died! & as John finds it in his heart to forgive and let go, all is dissolved and made peace with. we guided the beings to the Light so they could move on too, start afresh, hopefully with a new reincarnation as to balance the past. we dissolved all anger and replaced it with love and acceptance, peace. John felt like a rock moved away from his stomach! When we looked at the hip to see what was going on, he sees an arrow stuck on his side! he sees himself in a medieval battle. He had no idea who shot the arrow, he felt great sadness and acceptance that death was inevitable. Now it was time to forgive all involved and remove the arrow, so J could be free from pain and discomfort in the hip. we called on all involved and a whole enemy army showed up, John had no problem forgiving them which made this release very easy. Arrow removed and hip freed. we helped beings go to the Light. Lastly we looked into the ankle, John felt some pain and looking deeper noticed there was a metal animal trap around his ankle. he was hunting, the year was 1743, unwillingly he stepped on another hunters’ trap and could not set himself free. After hours of suffering and pain a bear appears and John becomes its dinner. John forgave the hunter who placed the trap and forgave the bear, forgave self as well, making peace with that death. Through love, understanding and forgiveness all can be resolved. we removed the trap & released the past, understanding that it was all great learning but we don’t need to hold on to stuff forever. The session ended on a blissful note as John wise elder spirit guide came to meet him, embraced him with his love and gave J lots of life guidance. this was a very satisfying session for all involved. The power of this modality of healing – Crystal Dreaming – never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for reading beloveds   My Crystal Bliss – Debbie Shaman

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