HOW LONG has it been since you had a healing?? We put our car for service every 6 months or so but how about cleansing and clearing our own energies? We all collect unwanted energies along the way..and when these are not cleared they turn into imbalance and disease. Even an imbalance that seems physical ,stems from a past event, its always emotional; that’s what I see in my clinic…every imbalance has a beginning and its always related to a painful event, either in this lifetime or in a past life. Our emotional bodies become burdened and we become angry, depressed, irritated etc. Some people even believe they are the angry type, that’s its in their DNA and there’s how it is…of course in my view I know that to be bulls###t. Our natural state is one of joy, freedom, peace. 
I truly believe in the power of healing and how DNA is mutable. If we can change, grow & evolve so can our DNA. We so strongly resist change;when are we going to understand that change is a natural law and flowing with it will actually bring joy and not suffering? Now, if we resist it we can expect suffering. So surrendering, flowing and embracing each day as a blessing is the recipe towards happiness… this takes courage of course, but the moment we decide to trust in life, and trust our hearts then all fears are dissolved, we relax and flow. Now you understand why in my healings I can help people heal at all levels as every system is interconnected. The emotional body collects a lot along the way…a lot of the times this accumulation stems from hundreds of lifetimes, no wonder we feel heavy and unhappy. We ALL need a healing every now and again to unload the extra “unwanted luggage”.. resulting in lightness of being, peace, acceptance, trust, love, connection etc. In my view, healings are priceless & a great expression of self love and self care. Thank you for reading beloveds 

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