Hello beloveds! This week i saw a man whose wife died of breast cancer about a month ago; needless to say he was grief stricken. John found me through a friend of his, Maria, who not only brought him to my home clinic, but also booked a session straight after him; she was also looking for closure as John’s wife Catherine, was her good friend. John arrived at my home clinic a bit unsure as he had no idea what was about to happen…he probably thought he was coming to a reading. In reality what I offer is much beyond a “reading”. I suggested he lie on the Mandala of crystals programed to facilitate a shamanic journey. Shamanic journeys are not new, shamans travel to other realms to communicate with the ones in spirit world, spirit guides etc usually the aim of this journey is to receive answers, wisdom, life direction and healing. These journeys are very sacred. I suggested John simply journeyed with an open heart, with no expectations and see what happens; that’s exactly what he did & he was rewarded instantly as he bursts into tears and tells me his wife Catherine is in front of him smiling! it was beautifully emotional! a beautiful communication between both ensued, John was ecstatic & so was i! after spending some time with Catherine, John’s whole family stepped forward, all of the ones who preceded John on the great journey of return to our true home, the spirit world. John spent the whole session crying tears of joy as he met his grandparents, uncles etc… and to complete this blissful session John met his loving spirit guide who reminded him he is loved and supported at all times. John’s session reawakened his remembrance of the temporary nature of this physical life but also eternal nature of our spiritual life. John gave me a huge hug as he was leaving and said” “I am so happy I came to see you!” Moments like this really keep me inspired! You know what else? Maria’s session was equally moving as she also met Catherine and she described her exactly as John did, Catherine was simply looking and smiling! And once again a beautiful communication ensued! we all felt so complete that day! The lesson for me was: WHEN WE MAKE PEACE WITH DEATH, WE MAKE PEACE WITH LIFE! Aho!

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