Hello beloveds, I want to share something that happened in one of my sessions today & it happens often – people directly connect & speak with their loved ones in spirit. During Emily’s session today she saw her grandparents, an uncle and cousin waiting in turns to speak with her. she was amazed! such a beautiful experience! During a Crystal Dreaming session all psychic channels are open, so one can communicate directly with their loved ones in spirit. WE ARE ALL PSYCHIC at some level, its just that we are living a rational, analytical phase & have forgotten or ignored our psychic selves. this therapy reconnects us to our truth. Some of Emily’s family members were at peace and some were not, as they were still attached to people & Earthly worries. we helped them to go to the Light with their soul family. The most beautiful gift we can give our loved ones in spirit is the knowing in our hearts & minds that they are not dead, they are still alive, that gives them an amazing feeling of satisfaction as no one wants to be a dead corpse, we live on. It makes sense to me that we live on as nothing simply disappears in the Earth or Universe, all transforms/recycles, all we need to do is observe nature to understand this Truth. To me, life and death are the same thing, the “2 sides of the same coin”. its only when we make peace with death that we can truly live. Living in the moment with a fearless courage is an art that can only be learnt once we accept & make peace with death in our minds & hearts. as we surrender to death, we also surrender to life; control & fear melt away, & life flows with ease & grace as we learn to love & appreciate each day that we are here. Thank you for reading beloveds, good night. (names have been changed for privacy)

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