Hello beloveds! I wanted to have a chat about our relationship with our parents and our social programming, as in a lot of sessions I run clients need to forgive their parents for causing them hurt or not fulfilling their needs. Most of us need to go through this process of forgiving our parents. Now being a parent myself I realize it is the most difficult job of all. Truth is we may not and probably will not satisfy all of our kids wants and needs, so why try to be perfect? Plus your perfect may not be your child’s perfect… so why be so hard on ourselves? Why be so hard on our parents? They were just as unprepared as we are. In saying that, this was a process for me as I had a lot of forgiving to do myself, especially towards my father. When the hurt is deep, forgiveness comes in layers & that’s ok, but most importantly is that we make the decision that we WANT TO FORGIVE, as this is the first step towards letting go of negative energies (feelings, emotions etc) and attachments. While we stay in anger and resentment we are unable to move forward and heal. Healing is priceless as we become freer and happier within ourselves & attract great experiences – we are an antenna that receives in accordance to what we send outwards. As we heal and become free, we end up realizing that past events have no more hold over us and that we can more easily let go. I have been in the healing path for a while now as I am hooked in its effects, all “stuff” from the past seems “erased”. I have come to a point now where I understand it was all great learning, the fertilizer of my life, but that I don’t need to hold on to it forever, I can grow beyond it and send love to the ones who contributed to my growth. I also realize that it doesn’t matter what anyone said or did, what matters is how I feel about myself now. I no longer search for love or anything else outside of me as I understand now that it is ALL INSIDE OF ME, and these experiences only happened so I could find the treasures within. All this has brought me to self love and self acceptance, loving even the parts I don’t like, and why not? By having compassion for myself I can also offer compassion to others – that’s how it works! 
Our parents gave us what they could, now is time for us to grow beyond and be our full selves! Wishing you a great sacred independent journey of the Heart! Blessings beloveds!

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