Hello beloveds! This week I saw a male client who felt like a woman at times… but he really wanted to be a man & was very confused as to why he felt like this & at times asked himself if he was gay, bisexual etc., he told me this situation was also huge block in his relationship with his wife, he was ready to find the cause of this as he was not happy with answers from doctors & he was hopeful to let go of these feelings. He lied in the mandala of crystals which caused him to enter a very deep state. I suggested he ask his body what the cause of this was and a woman turns up (her spirit), she admits to have sexual attraction and feelings for him. By digging deeper we find out that when he was a teenager he gave this spirit the permission to stay so they could have an intimate relationship, this agreement needed to be dissolved. I asked him what he wanted to do as i know these sexual obsessions can be hard for people to want to let go, but he was ready to dissolve ties with this being. It took a bit of counselling on both sides but in the end they realized that they needed to set each other free as we are free spirits, we are not “tied” or controlled by anyone unless we allow it. The lady ended up leaving in peace & he felt totally different. He realized how much of a hold she had on him. It’s interesting to observe what is possible since we are multi dimensional beings. Every choice counts. Thank you for reading beloveds, have a beautiful day!

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