Hello beloveds! One question that I get asked a lot is “how do I protect myself from negative energies, from being drained by others etc. the answer is “detached empathy”, that’s something I had to learn as a therapist, but I do admit I learnt this the hard way, by experiencing very uncomfortable energies that I later realized were not mine! How do you practice detached empathy? By not allowing other people’s energy vibrations to enter your aura (your sacred space) and stay in you. Truth is we are swimming in a sea of energy at all times, unless you are practicing self protection and self awareness, outside intrusive energies can not only affect you but stay with you. When you feel someone’s anger for ex. Simply acknowledge it and breath it out, it may flow through you but it’ll not stay with you. Emotions are vibrations, emotion = energy in motion. You may want to be present and supportive of someone while they express difficult emotions but don’t take on their emotional charge as a way to help them, they don’t expect that of you, they probably just want someone to understand what they are experiencing or going through. You are not there to resolve if for them or save them, trust that they can & will overcome their issue & ultimately gain growth & wisdom from the experience. If you feel you are carrying a lot of energy that is not yours, maybe its time for a healing to “clean up“ & enlighten. Co dependence is never healthy, its energy draining. Unconditional love is the ultimate protection as its frequency is so high that nothing of a lower vibration penetrates it, so love yourself, your family, friends unconditionally & send love to the ones you don’t like – here is the best recipe for protection. Blessings beloveds!

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