Hello beloveds, in the last few weeks I have seen at least 3 clients who had to make the difficult choice to abort a child at some stage of their journey, either because they were very young or their life situation was unstable. In all of the 3 cases the child was very present with them (in their energy). Sometimes the child moves on as it feels ready to return to the Light, usually with their angels’ help; but that was not the case with these 3 ladies. In one of the cases the child was holding the “mother’s” legs and wouldn’t budge. after some loving explanations that he was safe and that he should go with his angels the child returned to the Light with soul family. The presence of the child would definitely be exacerbating the mothers’ feelings of guilt and regret. Once the child is guided safely & lovingly to the Light, it becomes easier for the mother to forgive herself, knowing that she did the best she could at the time. During this type of release, its also very appropriate to call “dad” as ALL involved need to make peace with this choice. Without peace there’s no complete happiness… through forgiveness and self forgiveness we can change everything…we can create peace! Blessings!

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