Hello beloveds!! This week I saw a client who came to see me as she was feeling tired, drained & she was also feeling some explainable pains around her body, including the sexual organs area. We asked her body to show us when the tiredness started….as soon as we asked we notice a spirit literately lifting from her body and looking around wondering where he was…. he looked lost, confused and in pain. We asked her body once more (the body has all the answers!) when did she 1st connected to this being… she saw herself at the doctor’s office a few months ago and as she was feeling vulnerable, this being, who was hanging around there, entered her body looking for a place to feel safe and welcome. The being did not know he was dead, he also visited the doctor with hopes to be cured from his pain. It was an easy release as spirit was very happy to be assisted to find peace and be guided to the light. After spirit removal client knew that the bodily pains she was feeling was related to this presence as he expressed pains/open sores in same areas and now they were gone! The only pain remaining now was the one in the sexual organs. We said an affirmation to be show the cause…soon after client sees herself living among Vikings! Her father was a typical big, muscly, dirty Viking. “He did something to me…” she said. We dug deeper and deeper… she discovers father paid a witch to create a spell to block daughter’s sexuality and femininity as a way to protect her…. he was ashamed….till today this was affecting client’s sexuality and sexual organs! We went through forgiveness & dissolution of contracts w/ dad from that life, that was the 1st part; the 2nd part was: we had to call the witch to undo the spell. The witch enters the room laughing loudly and ironically…that’s their “trademark” as we know. We had to negotiate w/ witch as she wasn’t keen to remove spell (negative energy). after intense negotiation, witch accepts that she is not only hurting others, but also hurting herself in this indefinite abuse of power….she removes the spell and also accepts to be guided to the Light! She literally ascends into this beautiful column of sparkling light! Oh what a feeling client and I felt…it was like the Earth was moving! And a huge amount of heavy energy being removed from client’s body! All pains & blocks GONE! Her spirit guides were Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene. Client felt guided and blissful!! Amazing! God bless beloveds!!!

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