Hello beloveds! Happy New Year! Today I saw a lady who felt blocked (she cant find the right job or the ideal partner), low in self esteem, self belief & self worth. as you can imagine her session was a big one that ran for more than 2 hours. in one session we dissolved a black magic curse from an ex who dabbles in black magic & she learned how to protect herself from now on; dissolved energetic ties with an ex husband from a past life who was hindering her love life; released and healed at least 2 traumas from past lives – one life she was persecuted, tortured and killed accused of being a witch (she was only using herbs in that life) & on another life she was a Jewish woman who died in the gas chambers (we were face to face with Hitler, and this is not the 1st time i face him in sessions as you can imagine). She also re connected & healed her inner child who was scared and out of her body; she made peace with her sister from this lifetime who caused her a lot of hurt in the past. The whole session was based on reinstating her power. And there’s more… her spirit guides came at the end of session to embrace her in their love and guidance. it was amazing! I know it sounds like a lot of healing for one session but believe it or not this is a typical Crystal Dreaming session. Constantly people tell me of positive changes in their lives post their Crystal Dreaming session and that keeps me going! This sacred therapy is empowering and freeing! When it comes to healing at all levels we need to remember we are multidimensional beings living in a multidimensional reality,
Thank you for reading. Many blessings to you. Debbie Shaman

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