Hello beloveds! I saw a client the other day who had some questions regarding her career as a psychotherapist. she was a lady probably in her 70′s. the session went really well, there were some minor block/energy releases. It was easy to connect with her team of loving spirit guides for advice. She felt blissful in their presence. but when she started asking questions about career, they would not answer or say “do not worry about that”, which I thought was strange as they always offer advice. soon after they said: “You are going to return soon.” we asked: “Back into spirit world?” and they said “Yes”. Wow, that had never happened in a session before, I waited to see how she would react, and her answer was that she was not ready to return. The guides continued saying that they would be waiting for her with open arms and that they loved her very much. I asked her guides to help client feel a oneness with her higher self and the Divine as a way to remind her that life is eternal and bliss awaits. It was a beautiful ending. In spite of the news, she loved the Divine feelings she felt. This session made me reflect once more about our mortality and how we tend to get so attached to our life here & the material world, which is a temporary phase. The key is to be grateful for every moment lived
and to intensely love the people in our lives without being emotionally bound to them! We are all free spirits! God bless beloveds!

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