Is a drug-free, non-touch shamanic healing technique. Debbie is an advanced practitioner & teacher of this powerful therapy with over 11 years’ experience.  Debbie has personally facilitated over 2,000 healing sessions and trained over 80 new practitioners.


Crystal Singing bowls are incredible vibrational harmonic tools for transformation & healing.
The vibrations emitted by the bowls, will take you to an inner deep journey that could be described as a fine line between sleeping and awake.

This is a personalized healing session uniquely and organically designed to suit your needs.
Debbie will use her intuitive psychic abilities to tune into your body energy and body to work on any energetic imbalances.

Reiki healing is vibrational healing technique that channels vital universal energy into mind, body & emotions. Everything vibrates in the Universe, all is energy, including our bodies, our cells. Along life we tend to retain or accumulate low vibrational energies in our bodymind like stress, anger, fear, hurt, etc. Reiki is an efficient way to process or dissolve these unwanted conscious or subconscious energies & exchange them for peace & harmony.

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