All in One healing

This is a personalized healing session uniquely and organically designed to suit your needs. Debbie will use her intuitive & psychic abilities to tune into your body & energy body to work on any energetic imbalances.

It is very natural for us to accumulate low vibrational energies as we experience physical pain, chronic diseases, stress, anger, fear, hurt, grief, shame, guilt etc but since all is energy, these can be dissolved & made peace with; pain or discomfort is the language of your body that indicates a lesson needs to be learnt, which will contribute to your growth & evolution. Debbie will help you to understand the lessons so you can finally dissolve the energies that no longer serve. The aim of a healing session is to bring you back to your natural state of joy, happiness, trust, abundance & freedom.

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Your healing will include most or all of these:

In this session Debbie brings together all the skills & knowledge she has acquired along the years. Debbie has been studying, practicing & teaching the healing arts for over 12 years.

Bookings Essential

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