Crystal Dreaming

Crystal Dreaming

Shift in your consciousness into an “altered state”

Crystal Dreaming is an advanced crystal healing technique which uses a unique Mandala of crystals laid around the body.

Debbie will facilitate you on a profound journey into the superconscious, where you can connect with your heart (spirit) and find answers.

In this space profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing can occur. Every journey is unique & sacred.

  • Location: Grays Point (10 mins from Miranda Westfield)
  • Healings via Skype
  • Distant Healings
  • Monergy Exchange: $230

* Bookings are essential

What can be achieved
through Crystal Dreaming?

  • Past life regression (visual or sensory)
  • Profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing
  • Release of phobias, blocks and/or negative energy
  • Removal of entities, curses and alien implants
  • Release of past or present life trauma
  • Clarity of life purpose
  • Meeting loving family members that have passed
  • Receive answers and insights into your life
  • A state of bliss as you connect with spiritual guides or guardian angels for loving advice

Unlock past life experiences, knowledge, skills. Release & heal present or past life trauma; re-establishing a sense of wholeness, power and freedom. Crystal Dreaming is an amazing adventure into the richness of your own spirit.  Through this deep and profound therapy, it is possible for you to experience a blissful reconnection with your Divine nature.

Debbie can help you remove life blocks, curses, or negative energy of any kind.

For those who are challenged by ill health, which refuses conventional treatment, we can locate, diagnose and treat root cause of imbalance in the first session. Results of your Crystal Dreaming can be immediate and permanent and have to be experienced to be believed.

These advanced techniques enable you to reconnect safely and in full consciousness with your “Spirit Guides” or “Guardian Angels”. With their loving assistance you may ask guidance questions on any aspect of your life, you may discover your life’s purpose, or you may meet unconditional loving family members who live in spirit. You may meet with your Guardian Angel, Spiritual Teacher or the Ascended Master closest to your heart.

This beautiful journey will remind you of the Divine light that dwells within you and that you are a spirit having a human experience and not the other way around. If you feel ready to empower, be free and create positive changes in your life then Crystal Dreaming is the therapy for you.  

Release Heal Crystal

Release & heal present or past life trauma

Debbie can help you remove life blocks, curses, or negative energy of any kind.

Bookings Essential

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