Crystal Dreaming

A life transforming journey .....

Lying in a unique mandala of crystals, Debbie will facilitate a gentle shift in your consciousness into an expanded state where your Crystal Dreaming inner journey occurs.

In this enhanced state of awareness, after clearing all energies not totally aligned with unconditional love, it is possible to experience a state of absolute bliss, where profound emotional, physical, and spiritual healing may occur.

The results of Crystal Dreaming sessions are profound, permanent, and immediate.

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Crystal Dreaming can bring ...

We all die many, many times in our cycle of death and rebirth. We may experience physical pain and sometimes fear at the moment of death, but it is the emotional trauma experienced when we die that we carry through into subsequent lives, affecting our relationships, career, finances and personality.
These traumas, if they are not cleared, stack up and repeat until we clear them.

Observe your life and look for repeated patterns, they are clues to deeply held emotional traumas that are ready to be released.

In my practice I have facilitated thousands of sessions where clients have released trauma associated with past life deaths. I have also facilitated the reverse, where clients unlock past life experiences as knowledge and skills to be used in the present.  

Release & heal present or past life trauma; re-establishing a sense of wholeness, power and freedom. Crystal Dreaming is an amazing adventure into the richness of your own spirit.  Through this deep and profound therapy, it is possible for you to experience a blissful re-connection with your Divine nature.

Our potential is limitless!!!

Join me on this wonderful healing journey – Debbie Shaman


Your unique shamanic journey .....

Presents you with a golden opportunity to consciously activate and align with your life plan in a state of perfect harmony with the rest of creation.

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