Crystal Sound Bath Meditation

Experience the magic of Crystal Singing Bowls

The Crystal Singing bowls vibrational harmonics allow you to find that threshold between alpha and theta brain waves, the edge where the body “sleeps” while the mind is lucid.
In this deeply relaxed intuitive space, its possible for you to connect with your own heart & soul for insights, guidance, healing & much more…

Our whole body down to our very own DNA is crystalline in structure causing it to respond & resonate with the extraordinary frequencies of quartz crystal.

The crystal bowls are the ideal tools in this age of awakening. Join me in this truly sacred journey of the Heart ! 



* Bookings are essential (Max of 9 attendee’s)

My Sound healings may also include

I follow my intuitive inspiration as to what the group needs.

Every session is unique. This meditation is performed lying down and everything is provided.

Bookings Essential

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