Reiki Healing realigns & revitalizes your energy’s natural healthy flow

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki healing is vibrational healing technique that channels vital universal energy into mind, body & emotions. Everything vibrates in the Universe, all is energy, including our bodies, our cells. Along life we tend to retain or accumulate low vibrational energies in our bodymind like stress, anger, fear, hurt, etc. Reiki is an efficient way to process or dissolve these unwanted conscious or subconscious energies & exchange them for peace & harmony.

The potent energy of Reiki combined with Debbie’s intuitive & psychic abilities will result in a powerful session with very positive results. Debbie includes crystals, sound, voice, psychic message in the session as per intuitive inspiration.
Every session is unique & sacred. Reiki can be applied hands on or hands away from your body & sensitive areas are never touched. Debbie will run your session with sensitivity & confidentiality.

1.25 hrs per session

  • Location: Grays Point (10 mins from Miranda Westfield)
  • Monergy Exchange: $130

What Reiki Healing can do for you

  • Reduces fear & stress
  • Relieves physical pain or discomfort
  • Dissolves negative energies of any kind
  • Assists recovery from injury and illness
  • Produces a peaceful sleep & peaceful state of mind
  • Supports grief or loss related stress
  • Brings peace, hope & trust

Your session may include

  • Hands on energy healing containing a combination of the potent energies of Reiki & Karuna Reiki
  • Placement of crystals on & around the body for dissipation or infusion of energies
  • A soothing visualization meditation
  • Crystal singing bowls vibrational sounds on & around the body
  • The use of aromatherapy oils
  • Intuitive message or advice
  • Counselling & chakra diagnoses
Side view Girl Medidating

Debbie is a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Crystal Master, Energy Healer, Spiritual teacher & Psychic Medium.

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