My crystal dreaming session with Debbie was absolutely amazing. It is such a beautiful healing session for the body, mind and soul. The energy, guidance and wisdom Debbie brings into the room and throughout the healing session is so profound. Her voice is soothing and she takes you on an incredible journey, a journey of innate wisdom and a journey to your higher self. I tapped into my souls wisdom where all the answers I was seeking lay.

Thank you so much Debbie for your beautiful nature and for a healing session that has had an incredible impact on me. I am so very grateful and blessed.

Anastasia Giovanoglou

Senior Lady with Pen

My experience with Debbie was out of this world. For more than 30 years, I have had entities visiting me at night whilst asleep. To the point where I thought I was literally going insane. I would be scared going to sleep every night not knowing what I would experience next.

So when I was at my lowest of lows and was extremely unhappy at work, this increased my venerability of having entities visit more frequently. This all led me on a decline sad sorry road that turned me to seeking medical attention and be prescribed with anti-depressants. I had no job, no money. My life was still on the decline and I had lost my faith with everything and everyone. Thoughts of not wanting to live were going through my head and I had reached the lowest of lows.

Shortly after a friend of mine advised me about crystal dreaming so I took the initiative and made a booking with Debbie. I have never looked back since. From the very first session I finally understood what these entities wanted and how I could get them to leave me alone and have a pleasant, restful sleep. But the most important thing that I achieved during this session was happiness. I was actually happy. But it wasn’t until through other session where I found true happiness with crystal dreaming. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Jesus and God through crystal dreaming. Words cannot describe the amazing blissful feeling that I experience. The unconditional love they had for me was truly amazing. I can’t stress that there are no words on this earth that can describe this feeling.

So I have no job, I have no money, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever felt in my whole life. The more happy I feel, the more I feel God, Jesus and my spirit guides, flowing through my body. I have lost the anger that I had inside me and I have so much more compassion. My fiancée and friends have notice that when I laugh that they can see my laughing through my heart now.

I can recommend Crystal Dreaming with Debbie for everyone who wants to find true happiness within themselves.


Foti Lambis

Absolutely fantastic and unique experience! I am infinitely grateful to Debbie for one of the best days of my life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂 xx

Julianna Moura De Masi

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Debbie who taught me Crystal Dreaming

I went in with an open mind and was blown away by its fantastic results.

The sessions Debbie facilitates are simply incredible.

For anybody who is open minded and wants to emotionally cleanse some unwanted matter, give Debbie a call.

Her skills and proficiency are superb.

I would recommend her any day and twice on Sunday. All you need is an open mind and the rest just happens.

Thank you Debbie for sharing your gift I am forever grateful

Shahram Mehin

I saw Debbie for a Crystal Dreaming 2 hour experience last week and I was absolutely blown away.

Debbie’s passion and experience truly shines through with her 10 years of experience. We were able to identify my areas for change quickly and her guidance was world class.

She has such a warm and caring nature which truly shows in the process from start to finish.

I am truly grateful for the experience Debbie as I have been successful in the outcomes that I wanted to create from the session.

I am now meditating deeply with a loving connection to myself and the support outside.

I also learned many lessons and gained so much wisdom from the session.

I have been raving to the people I know about my experience from the session ever since!!

Thank you Debbie, you are amazing!” 🙏

Peter Williams

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