Foti Lambis

My experience with Debbie was out of this world. For more than 30 years, I have had entities visiting me at night whilst asleep. To the point where I thought I was literally going insane. I would be scared going to sleep every night not knowing what I would experience next.

So when I was at my lowest of lows and was extremely unhappy at work, this increased my venerability of having entities visit more frequently. This all led me on a decline sad sorry road that turned me to seeking medical attention and be prescribed with anti-depressants. I had no job, no money. My life was still on the decline and I had lost my faith with everything and everyone. Thoughts of not wanting to live were going through my head and I had reached the lowest of lows.

Shortly after a friend of mine advised me about crystal dreaming so I took the initiative and made a booking with Debbie. I have never looked back since. From the very first session I finally understood what these entities wanted and how I could get them to leave me alone and have a pleasant, restful sleep. But the most important thing that I achieved during this session was happiness. I was actually happy. But it wasn’t until through other session where I found true happiness with crystal dreaming. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Jesus and God through crystal dreaming. Words cannot describe the amazing blissful feeling that I experience. The unconditional love they had for me was truly amazing. I can’t stress that there are no words on this earth that can describe this feeling.

So I have no job, I have no money, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever felt in my whole life. The more happy I feel, the more I feel God, Jesus and my spirit guides, flowing through my body. I have lost the anger that I had inside me and I have so much more compassion. My fiancée and friends have notice that when I laugh that they can see my laughing through my heart now.

I can recommend Crystal Dreaming with Debbie for everyone who wants to find true happiness within themselves.


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