Experience the freedom of true forgiveness


Find peace and wellness through the power of forgiveness

What exactly is forgiveness?

Who should you forgive and why?

Do you forgive from the head or the heart or both?

Understanding what, how and when to forgive are the first steps towards healing  yourself. Lost energy, lost time and draining emotional baggage are all linked to unresolved forgiveness.

Perhaps you feel guilt or shame as a result of something experienced.

Should you ever really forgive another?  … Can you ever really forgive  yourself?? 

Places are limited, so please book early. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Tea, coffee and light snacks included

Course outline:

  • A forgiveness meditation visualisation with the crystal singing bowls’ sound vibrations.
  • Inner child visualisation meditation for self forgiveness
  • A simple but potent forgiveness technique
  • A deeper understanding of what is forgiveness & how it affects our emotions & energy
  • Learn to forgive from the heart (& not just “the head”) with the help of a rose quartz crystal which you take home

This work shop will fill your being with forgiveness, understanding & compassion

This type of healing is about freeing yourself from the torment suffered as a result of betrayal, hurt, shame or guilt.

Please come with an open mind, and open heart. There is no judgement, only healing.

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