Karuna Ki Reiki Certificate

Karuna Ki Reiki means “The Way of Compassionate Energy”. This type of Reiki channels a heart centered compassionate healing energy.

You’ll learn to channel this powerful cosmic love through your heart & hands. Karuna Ki will produce profound healing in your life and your clients’. 

When attuned, you’ll align with compassionate Ascended Masters, Angels, and Archangels such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and St. Germaine. You also strengthen your bond with your own Spirit Guides.

Karuna Ki is an enhanced or more refined Reiki Energy, in other words, it’s very high vibrational; It is a natural complement to USUI Reiki.
Like USUI Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki heals at an energetic level that can remove negative emotions, beliefs, and low vibrational energies of any kind, creating a deep feeling of love and compassion, but the difference is that now you’ll go deeper than ever before in your power to facilitate instant healings.

Course outline:

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