Shamanic Drumming

Experience the power of a sacred shamanic drumming ceremony.


Shamanic Drumming Journey with Debbie Shaman

This drumming ceremony opens the space to go into a powerful meditative state. Debbie guides you into a very special level of consciousness through prolonged hypnotic drumming, rattling or crystal bowl vibrations.

This altered awareness promotes relaxation and a special level of consciousness that helps us work more deeply with intuitive and spiritual guidance.

Shamanic Drumming reminds you of your true spirit nature as you open to receive messages form your power animal and spirit guides that can promote insight, healing and a profound sense of Oneness to the earth and creation.


Places are limited, so please book early. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Tea, coffee and light snacks included

Course outline:

  • Creating inner & outer sacred space
  • Drum shamanic journey - Retrieving your power animal
  • Drum shamanic Journey to the Lower world (nature realm - earth, air, fire and water)
  • Drum shamanic Journey to the Upper world (Higher spiritual realm - spirit guides, angels, teachers, family members etc)
  • Shamanic voice & sound with the crystal singing bowls and more ……

The shamanic way of life is one of balance, healing, nurturing and mutual support.

This is an opportunity to connect to our true selves (hearts), our community, nature and life.

Please come with an open mind, an open heart… but more importantly… come to have fun! This is where magic happens.

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